Writer Bios

As you may know, we run a very close knit company where every writer is hired based on their experience and writing ability. Unlike tiered based content platforms, all of our writers are professionals. However, each writer does have their own strengths, topic preferences, and unique tone that sets them apart. It’s a good idea to try different writers over time to see who you prefer, but we can also recommend a writer for a particular batch if you get in touch. In any event, please find a short biography of each writer below to help you choose:

Agata Antonow (25) – Ontario, Canada

A. Antonow is a writer with more than ten years of experience writing articles, business and educational copy, and blog posts. Topics she has written about include: home decor, careers, travel, personal finance, writing, literature, pets, freelancing, personal growth, food, and women’s issues. As a freelancer who has built up her own business, she also enjoys writing about work/home balance, entrepreneurship, home offices, and working from home.

Andrew Walker (19) – Ontario, Canada

Andrew Walker is a young and upcoming writer who studies at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus. There he studies professional writing and communication, with an emphasis on social media, blogging, and the social implications of Web 2.0 and prevailing technologies. His education lends itself well to writing about internet marketing, science, news, and technology; though being in a program that emphasizes research and study makes most topics of writing manageable.

Carly Bush (22) – Ontario, Canada

Carly Bush has been a staff writer for independent music publication Limerence Magazine for the past two years, and has acquired significant experience writing about the music industry. As such, she will always be willing to take on orders, large or small, relating to music, including songwriting, musical instruments, and music business. Other topics she has written about in the past include psychology, literature, art, animals, nature, health, technology, travel, and entertainment.

Catalina Tresser (28) – British Columbia, Canada

Catalina Tresser is a native of Havre de Grace, Maryland who travels frequently and currently lives in Canada, where she is pursuing a graduate degree in psychology. Catalina has a wide range of writing experience, with specialties in health and wellness, fashion, and business. Despite these preferences, she is willing to take on virtually any assignment and always researches thoroughly before she starts typing. Catalina is a popular choice amongst our clients.

Corrine Morris (33) – Ontario, Canada

Corrine Morris is a freelance writer with a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Western Ontario, and is currently completing a Diploma in Digital Communications with her alma mater. Her minor in psychology and biology, in addition to her English major, has allowed for well-rounded experience writing for both academic and creative purposes. Corrine has worked with her local paper for special community pieces, and has blogged for provincial political parties. Favorite topics include health and beauty, nutrition and fitness, natural living, animal behavior and modification, science and technology, and pop-culture.

Emily Lusk (23) – Louisiana, United States

Emily Lusk is a professional freelance writer from Monroe. She received a Bachelor’s degree in English and has been working hard to build her writing portfolio. Emily is currently writing and editing articles on a variety of topics for over 10 different companies. Writing is her passion and she thrives off of new challenges. With a strong background in research, Emily is able to produce high-quality work on basically any topic. She is an overachiever and a perfectionist who pays close attention to detail and strives to get the job done correctly the first time!

Erin Jarboe (34) – Indiana, United States

Erin Jarboe is a 34 year old mother of three who lives in her small hometown of Cannelton. Her interests include guitar, video games and animals and she likes to learn about many different kinds of subjects. Her areas of expertise include music, writing, gaming, computers and gambling. Erin studied advanced English, composition and public speaking to provide her with a sound skill set in her career, and she loves all types of fictional and non-fictional literature. She has been writing and editing SEO content, web pages, informational articles, blog posts and short fictional pieces for more than five years and caters to clients all over the globe. Erin is our top writer and helps to manage a lot of Article Marketing Co.

Leslie Cayanus (39) – Michigan, United States

Raised in small town West Virginia, Leslie Cayanus knows and loves the nuances of both city and country life. She holds a BA in English Lit & Creative Writing from West Virginia University and an MA in Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, & Women’s Studies from Oakland University. Her writing preferences are varied and include everything from sports and music to family life and organic farming, to hot dance clubs and medical malpractice and human rights. Leslie is experienced in a legal setting, is an editor-in-chief and is a great researcher.

Lorna Mac Neil (38) – Nova Scotia, Canada

Lorna MacNeil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, and a post-graduate diploma in publishing from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She has several years’ worth of experience as a freelance writer – primarily as an SEO article, press release and web page writer. She has written about how to buy bitcoins, the joys of Belgium beer and, well, just about everything else. A passionate traveler, amateur photographer, hiker, reader, writer and political junkie, Lorna is a favorite of clients and is a great all round writer.

Megan Johnson (27) – Florida, United States

Megan Johnson is a full time freelance writer, editor, and part-time novelist who hangs her hat in sunny Clearwater, Florida. She has, to date, completed about 18 months of college coursework with a focus on business and writing. Simply put, she writes for the love of the written word and feels that as a writer, it is her duty to preserve the English Language for generations to come. Megan specializes in informative articles, and that is where most of her experience lies.  She has no real topic preference, simply because she loves to learn and believes that the best part of being a writer is the constant opportunity to learn new things.

Nick Bunner (30) – California, United States

After graduating from Nordhoff High School in Ojai, CA, Nick Bunner studied music at UC Irvine and theater at UC Santa Cruz. He has experience writing for a wide variety of industries, both from his time working in Search Engine Marketing and as a freelance writer. The industries he is most experienced writing about are marketing, real estate, homeowner’s associations/community management, law, social media, the arts and entertainment, and investment banking.

Sara Schmidt (31) – Missouri, United States

An education and English major who graduated from Southeast Missouri State University, Sara Schmidt is an award-winning writer living near St. Louis, Missouri. Her work has been featured in dozens of publications both on and offline, including Daily Kos, Life Learning Magazine, Teaching Tolerance, Scottsdale Health, Feminspire, Ecorazzi and Progressive Parenting, Conscious Caregiving. She writes freelance full-time and has experience in many areas, including but not limited to medical and health topics, pets, how-to pieces, parenting, hackschooling, literature, herbs, customer service, women’s studies, media and pop culture.

Shona Botes (33) – East London, South Africa

Born in Oregon, USA, Shona Botes is located in the relatively small coastal town of East London, South Africa. Over the past two years, Shona has also provided clients here at Article Marketing Co. with more than 500 high quality articles on a range of topics. Her specialties include green living, natural health, frugal living, DIY, animals and pet care and many more. Topics that she usually does not cover include adult content, gambling and betting and content pertaining to laws and legal issues. Shona is one of our best writers, is a phenomenal researcher, and also helps with editing.

Teresa Roland (27) – Alabama, United States

Teresa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from South University in Montgomery, and has written a number of pieces that have been published on high traffic websites. She enjoys writing on a number of topics, including home and garden, health and fitness, travel, legal, education and pets. Teresa is also a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, where she serves as an instructor. She is our top editor, and a safe bet as an authoritative writer on any topic.

Tina Wolf (35) – Indiana, United States

Tina Wolf lives in Bloomington, Indiana. She is the mother of 3 children, who are 12, 7, and 4 months. She attended school at Indiana University and Ivy Tech, with a major in English and Education. Tina started her freelance writing career in 2009 and has written for many websites and blogs since then. Her preferred topics include parenting, education, law, web design, internet marketing, travel, and games. She loves writing and researching topics as she feels it is a great way to learn about new things.