This is a short written tutorial to help steer you through some areas of this system. I am still updating features which will make the system more easy to use, and am open to suggestions on how to make your life easier so please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Please take a moment to read this guide to become familiar with the system.

Article Pool:-

The article pool is fairly self explanatory and is the page where it is possible to pick up any work that is available. From here you should be able to get a good idea for the content, and can click on the select box and then click “pick up” to send them to your pool. If the article is a batch with “same writer” selected it will ask you if you want them or not. You can also search for any articles by different filters.

My Pool:-

The page titled “My Pool” is your homepage and is the page where all work that you are currently working on can be seen. This is either work that has been assigned specifically to you from one of my clients, or work that you have picked up yourself from the article pool. Any articles that are sent back for revision which you have written will be sent back here too.

My Pool – Article Boxes

When articles are visible in your pool, they will each have a box that explains the specifics of the article/page as well as any batch or special instructions. If the info is hard to read, you can copy and paste it into MS Word or notepad. If you notice an attachment icon, this is a resource file provided by the client. Click on the icon to download the material.

My Pool – Article Upload

Use the information provided to write your content and when you are ready, click on the “upload” button to upload the document (doc or docx) to the system. Once it has been uploaded, you need to click “submit” to send it to the editor for approval. You can download the article if need be to double check before submitting it.

My Pool – Article Removal

If for some reason you can’t work on an article, you can click on the remove button to send it back to the main article pool. Keep in mind that if you are working on a “same writer” batch, the whole batch will be sent back to the article pool and this includes any content already submitted. Same writer batches might be assigned directly to you by a client who can choose you when ordering, or you can pick these up on occasion from the article pool. This is mostly to ensure the tone remains the same and that the writer knows what has been said and what hasn’t within a batch. Please try to write and submit content as quickly as possible.

My Pool – Rewrites

If one of your boxes is highlighted in red, this means that it has been sent back for a revision. You should be able to see the reason why in the small “Editorial / Rewrites Notes” box. Please just download the article, work on it, upload, and resubmit. My editors are within their right to reject any article that falls too short of the mark, so please take care when writing.


From submissions you can see what articles have already been submitted and whether they have been paid for or not.


Once you have articles that have been approved from the client, they will be visible here. On this note, clients have the option to approve articles or request revisions; however, articles are automatically approved within 48 hours if no action is taken. As soon as you are paid (which is done automatically by the system every Sunday evening) the credits will be cleared.


Again, this page is pretty explanatory, but just ensure your Paypal and contact emails remain up to date.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions then please feel free to email me at my usual address: post@antony-hayes.com, or use the contact form above which reaches me at support@articlemarketingco.com.