This is a short written tutorial to help steer you through some areas of this system. I am still updating features which will make the system more easy to use, and am open to suggestions on how to make your life easier so please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Please take a moment to read this guide to become familiar with the system.

Article Pool:-

The article pool is fairly self explanatory and is the page where it is possible to pick up any work that is available. From here you should be able to get a good idea for the content, and can click on the select box on the right, and then click “pick up” to send them to your pool.

My Pool:-

The page titled “My Pool” is your homepage and is the page where all work that you are currently working on can be seen. This pool contains work that you have either picked up from the article pool, or work that has been sent back for revision from the client.

My Pool – Article Boxes:-

When articles are visible in your pool, they will each have a box that explains the specifics of the article/page as well as any batch or special instructions. If the info is hard to read, you can copy and paste it into MS Word or notepad.

My Pool – Article Download & Upload:-

To start proofing the article, just download it by clicking the “download” button. Here you can proof the content and then when it is 100%, you can save and close it. Next you can click on “upload” to put the new article in the system. After that you must click “submit”. You may also notice an attachment icon, if this is present the client has provided additional resource material. You can click on the icon to download and have a look at the material.

My Pool – Article Rewrite

If an article is not written very well and needs some adjustments, you can go back to the article box and click on “rewrite”. This will bring up a box which you can use to add notes to the writer. When the writer fixes the article and sends it back, it will be highlighted in green so you know it has come back from revision.

My Pool – Revisions

On this note, articles that have been sent back from the client for rewrite will go straight to the editor who approved them. These articles will be in red and the client should provide a reason why in the small “Editorial / Rewrite Notes” box. This box will be highlighted in red. Please try to fix the article yourself, but if it needs the writer’s attention, send it back.

My Pool – Reject:-

I try very hard to ensure all writers on the team are solid, but on occasion a writer may fall off the band wagon or was somehow misjudged. If an article or a number of articles turn out to be too bad to request a revision and you seriously doubt the writer’s abilities, you are within your right to reject the article. This will send it back to the original article pool for a new writer to pick it up. Note that some articles have a “same writer” rule and rejecting an article might remove all articles already submitted from that batch. Generally try to provide a chance for one revision and if it is still really bad, please reject it and let me know which article it was so that I can address the writer or remove him/her from the team.

My Pool – Article Removal:-

If for some reason you can’t work on an article, you can click on the remove button to send it back to the main article pool for another editor to pick up. Please don’t pick up work and leave it pending in your account.


From submissions you can just see what articles you have already submitted and whether they have been paid for or not. This is mostly just handy for record keeping.


Once you have articles that have been approved from the client, they will be visible here. On this note, clients have the option to approve articles or request revisions; however, articles are automatically approved within 48 hours if no action is taken. As soon as you are paid (which is done automatically by the system every Sunday evening) the credit will be cleared.


Again, this page is pretty explanatory, but just ensure your Paypal and contact emails remain up to date.

That’s pretty much it. If you have any questions then please feel free to email me at my usual address: post@antony-hayes.com, or use the contact form above which reaches me at support@articlemarketingco.com.