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Thanks for choosing us as your professional content writing service. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read this page.

Blog Management Service:

If you are interested in our blog management service, please get in contact via email, Skype or phone. We will soon be adding this service to our online platform, but for the moment it’s still under construction.

Placing an Order:

To place an order, please click on “Order Content” above and make a selection from the drop down. The mass order form allows for a spreadsheet to be used which is especially helpful for larger orders.

If you have already placed an order, you’ll notice a “Copy” button when you visit the “Order History” page. If you would like to create a similar batch and don’t want to fill out all of the details again, the copy button allows you to do just this.

Managing Orders:

By clicking “Order History”, it’s possible to monitor the progress of current orders, and download completed orders and invoices. To request a rewrite, approve, or monitor the status of individual content pieces, please click on the batch name.

All orders will be automatically approved after 2 days, at which point it won’t be possible to request a rewrite through the system. If you have missed this window and have any problems with your content, please send me an email at support@articlemarketingco.com or use the contact form.

Choosing a Writer:

If you have a specific assignment and want the best writer for the job, please feel free to get in contact and ask for a recommendation. All writers have been personally hired for their writing ability and talent, which is why we don’t have a rating system. Please keep in mind that if you would like the same tone to be used for an entire batch, please select “same writer” as this ensures one person works on your content. We have also added a biography page in the menu for you.

Receiving your Order:

To ensure you receive your order, please make sure to add support@articlemarketingco.com to your safe senders list. If using Gmail, the delivery email may go to another folder.

Questions or Problems:

While we have been producing articles for a number of years, this website is relatively new. We have tried to make the process as painless as possible, but if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Current Standard Rates for Content:

  • Articles – $0.03 per word (i.e. $14.99 per 500 word article)
  • Reviews – $0.03 per word (i.e. $14.99 per 500 word review)
  • Web Pages – $0.04 per word (i.e. $11.99 per 300 word page)
  • Press Releases – $0.04 per word (i.e. $11.99 per 300 word page)
  • Product Descriptions – $0.04 per word (i.e. $1.99 per 50 word description)

Please note that we provide a loyalty discount of up to 10% for long term clients and Warrior Forum members. Additionally, if you have an order of 50 or more articles, we can offer a bulk discount. We can also handle orders via email if that’s easier for you.

Thanks again for choosing Article Marketing Co!

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Shaun Gazzara