Blog Management Service

With more than 80% of U.S. online consumers trusting information and advice from blogs, and with more than 50% of companies gaining at least one customer through their blog, it’s no secret that your website’s blog is a potential gold mine. We can help you leverage this potential with our blog management service.

Completely “Hands Off”

Our blog management service is completely “hands off”. To get started all you need to do is provide some basic information such as who your target audience is, your keyword preferences and login details for our writer. We’ll do the rest!

American and Canadian Writers

We only use talented American and Canadian writers who have experience within your industry. This ensures that as well as being well written, your blog posts will be insightful and authoritative.

Affordable Pricing

Our blog management service is competitively priced runs for four weeks. After the first month, we’ll touch base with you to see if you have any notes or requests, and send a new invoice for the next four weeks. Our packages available include:

  • 4 blogs per month: $99 (one blog every Wednesday)
  • 8 blogs per month: $199 (one blog every Monday and Friday)
  • 12 blogs per month: $299 (one blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • 20 blogs per month: $499 (one blog every working day)
  • Royalty free stock photography add on: $5 per blog

All blogs are 500+ words, although if you have any special requests relating to word count or frequency we are happy to adapt.

How to Place an Order

Our developers are still in the process of adding the blog management service to our website, but for now it’s possible to order via email. If you’re interested in placing an order, or would like more information please get in touch by emailing us at or through our contact form.