Blog Management

Arguably the most important aspect of SEO is for website owners to continuously add content to their blogs. It’s essential for the website to be well optimized, but if everything is working as it should, regular content will help your website to climb the ranks and see a large increase in traffic.

How Can Article Marketing Co. Help with Blog Management?

A large percentage of paying visitors often find websites by searching for a solution to a problem. With this in mind, a blog on any website is a potential gold mine as it allows website owners to provide a wealth of information for their targeted audience to find. However, it can be tedious writing or ordering content and then spending hours uploading it and filling out all the SEO details. Luckily we can help with this as we have developed an affordable and fully comprehensive blog management service.

Blog Management Pricing

Whether you need one article a week or five, our American and Canadian writers will research and write the content, and then hand it over to our editors who will proof and manually upload the content to your blog. We also make sure to only use writers who have relevant experience within your niche. There are a number of monthly options:

  • 4 blogs per month: $99 (one blog every Wednesday)
  • 8 blogs per month: $199 (one blog every Monday and Friday)
  • 12 blogs per month: $299 (one blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • 20 blogs per month: $499 (one blog every working day)
  • Royalty free stock photography add on: $5 per blog

This service is renewed every 4 weeks.

How to Place an Order

We are currently in the process of adding the blog management service to our website, but for now it’s possible to order via email. If you are interested in placing an order, or would like more information please get in touch at or use our contact form.