This week marks the last full week of February, which means that spring is coming up fast. That will mark a major shift in consumer’s buying habits, so being prepared with the best tips and tools in Internet marketing will help you prepare for a new season.

Twitter Launches New Ad API

The social media network Twitter officially launched a new advertising application program interface (API) today that is aimed at making it easier than ever to advertise on Twitter. This new API will work in conjunction with promoted tweets rather than replacing them. The target is to provide more focused advertising without taking additional space in users’ feeds, thus getting a company’s message out without annoying the advertising audience. The program already has five partners in place, and Twitter is now accepting more partners through the Twitter developer’s page. If you are looking at revamping your social media advertising, this may be a good way to start.

SMX Expands to Italy

The Search Marketing Expo conference series, or SMX, is a well-known series of Internet marketing conferences that take place throughout the year and around the world. The next expo is scheduled for March 11th – 13th in San Jose, California, but the series is also seeing an increasing number of international sites, including the new announcement that the 2013 series will feature a conference in Italy for the first time. Milan will be the site for the conference on November 7th and 8th of this year. All told, there are 10 more conferences in this series set for 2013, with six of them occurring overseas. North American conferences will include San Jose, Toronto, Seattle, and New York.

UC Irvine Adds Internet Marketing Certificate Program

Beginning in the 2013 spring quarter, the University of California’s Irvine, California campus will offer courses targeted at creating new Internet marketing professionals. The university will be offering two Internet marketing certificate programs, Email Marketing and Agile Marketing. The Email Marketing course will run from April 8th through May 19th, while Agile Marketing will run from April 8th to June 2nd. Both courses will have online availability, meaning that you do not have to be on the California campus to get the advantages of the certificate programs.

Medikly Unveils Pharmaceuticals Marketing Tips

The new Internet marketing company Medikly, which focuses on providing services to those in the pharmaceuticals business, has recently unveiled a series of tips on their website that those in the industry can use to improve their marketing. Some of these tips, such as the fact that marketing is more effective within two weeks of a medical conference, apply specifically to the pharmaceuticals industry, but others are broader in scope and may be useful to other Internet marketers. For example, the tips stress the importance of personalization and analytics, which allows you to tailor your advertising to individual customers and make them feel more comfortable with your brand.

This Week’s Internet Marketing Tip: Conversion Conference is now accepting registrations for multiple conferences that will take place throughout 2013. This worldwide series of conferences will focus on website usability and design, psychology and persuasion, and social media conversion, among other topics. The conferences take place throughout the year at different sites, allowing you to plan a trip to the one closest to you. April 15th kicks off the San Francisco conference for west coast marketers, while those in the American heartland can attend the June 11th conference in Chicago and those on the east coast can visit the September 30th conference in Boston. There are also international conferences in November at both Berlin and London.

Join us next week as we kick off the month of March and start heading toward the end of the first quarter of the 2013 calendar year.


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