The Super Bowl has come and gone, and the repercussions of that major television event are being felt across the board, including in the world of Internet marketing. This year, more Super Bowl commercials than ever used an online call to action, demonstrating the importance of social media marketing. To find out everything that is going on in the Internet marketing world, read on.

IRWD 2013 Approaches

The 2013 Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference, or IRWD 2013, is approaching in a matter of days, and it is still possible to make last minute reservations. The massive design workshop begins on February 11th and runs through the 13th in Orlando, Florida. It features 53 different expert speakers, 34 sessions, and 50 different exhibitors. Keynote speakers this year include such big e-commerce names as Jason LaRose, the SVP of Express, Inc., and Reid Greenberg, the director of Seventh Generation’s e-commerce branch. If you are interested in learning how to optimize your web design for e-commerce, you should consider attending this gathering.

Content Marketing Surpasses Other Strategies

A recent study by Adobe and Econsultancy revealed that content marketing has surpassed other strategies in reaching marketers in 2013, with 39% of Internet marketing companies surveyed indicating that it was their highest priority. This edges out social media marketing, which came in second as a top priority for 38% of companies. The shift toward content marketing also matches up the latest trends in search engine technology, which is focusing more on content than keywords. If you have been neglecting the content portion of your website, now might be a good time to examine your presentation and revise the content to meet the latest trends.

Philadelphia Gears up for iPharma 2013

The 12th annual digital innovation forum known as iPharma will be held on February 11th and 12th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This marketing and tradeshow focuses on using online marketing to the fullest. It has a general emphasis on pharmaceuticals companies such as AstraZeneca and Novartis, but also will include guests from Forbes, HubSpot, and Manhattan Research. For those unable to get to the Pennsylvania area, the gathering does have some webinars that can be accessed remotely, meaning that everybody can take advantage of this digital marketing gathering.

Yahoo! and Google Enter Contextual Ad Deal

Continuing the resurgence of the long struggling search engine company Yahoo!, the business has announced a non-exclusive deal with their former rival Google that may provide a drastic change to contextual ads. Google ads will now appear on Yahoo! sites, meaning more exposure for the worldwide search engine leader while also generating more ad revenue for Yahoo!. In addition, the owners of websites housing these ads will be able to keep up to 68% of the generated revenue, according to Yahoo! Finance. This changes the way that contextual ads will be displayed on millions of websites and makes for an exciting opportunity for e-commerce businesses as well.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Social Media Weekend

February 15th, 16th, and 17th marks the 3rd annual Social media Weekend, which provides a networking experience for users across the world. The weekend includes “social media doctors” who look over an e-commerce company’s marketing plan and suggest changes that can help you improve your reach on social media. There will also be professional photographers available at multiple sites to take headshots for business pages. Last year’s weekend drew more than 500 attendees from 12 different countries, which was double the size of the previous gathering. This year’s weekend hopes to top that and will provide Internet marketers with many valuable social media resources.

With spring approaching in North America, we are getting closer to conference season, meaning that there will be many more Internet marketing opportunities to be discussed in the near future.


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