February is a month of big sales for many businesses, thanks not only to Valentine’s Day but also the President’s Day weekend, where many companies take the opportunity to set up major discounts to customers. Whether your e-commerce business is going to use this month in that way or not, there is still much to look forward to in the world of Internet marketing.

Agora Pulse Releases Benchmarking Tool

While many businesses use Facebook to advertise, the social media service does not make it easy to find out who is seeing your posts on their newsfeed. Facebook relies on an algorithm known as EdgeRank to determine top stories for each user, and the results of that algorithm are usually kept quiet. A new tool released by Agora Pulse called the Facebook Page Barometer seeks to change that, giving new insights to your posts, including fans reached, engagement levels, and feedback. This tool will hopefully allow Internet marketers to better navigate Facebook’s system.

Yahoo! Bounces Back

While many Internet marketers have given up Yahoo! as a dead search engine, the company has finally posted some growth after four years of bleeding profits. The latest financial reports show a $1.06 billion increase in profits, a 4% increase in search revenues, and an 11% growth in paid ad clicks. While this is still a modest level of growth, it bears watching. Yahoo! took on a new CEO in Marissa Mayer last year, and this may be the early sign of a bounce-back for the company. If the search engine is indeed recovering, that is another branch of potential ad space for businesses.

Applause.com offers Free Analytics Tool for Mobile Apps

Applause.com released an analytics tool this week that allows e-commerce businesses to analyze their marketing techniques on mobile apps. The tool, called the Mobile AppGrader, measure 10 attributes, including performance, pricing, and satisfaction, then assigns a score based on how well the business meets those benchmarks. This app will allow e-commerce businesses to examine how well they are reaching out to mobile customers and change their marketing techniques appropriately.

Mobile Revenue Leads to Facebook Surge

Facebook surprised many investors by reporting a huge fourth quarter surge driven by an impressive 23% in advertising revenue. Much of this profit comes from an increase in focus on the mobile audience. In fact, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg went so far as to say that the company is now a mobile company. This news not only highlights another shift toward the mobile web in social media, but also indicates the possible profits that Internet marketing companies may reap by focusing more on Facebook advertising to take advantage of the surge in both traditional and mobile users.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: 10th Annual Internet Marketing Conference

Registration has begun for the 2013 RIMC, or Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference. This is the 10th annual meeting, which takes place at different locations throughout the world. The conference is an excellent way to learn about Internet marketing on a global level. Some of the guests include Ben Barokas from Google, Bruce Daisley from Twitter, Jonathan Forster from Spotify, and more. While Iceland may seem like an unusual place to hold such a conference, more than one quarter of all the guests come from outside the country, including Internet marketers from the United States and Great Britain. Registration for the conference is now open, and the event will be held on March 21st and 22nd.

The Internet marketing industry continues to move onward as we move into the next month of 2013. Check back next week to find out more information about new Internet marketing opportunities, seminars, and current events.


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