January is almost finished up, and 2013 has seen a lot of Internet marketing activity already. Here are some of the top stories in the industry of this week.

DDP Marketing Website up for Sale

After only a month of operation, the new website for DDP Marketing is now up for sale on Flippa.com. The site, which launched in December 2012, boasted more than 80 sales in only three weeks. Citing changes in DDP Marketing’s internal structure, CEO Alexander Baxter declared now the perfect time to put the domain for sale. If you are interested in acquiring an established web domain with a large conversion rate, you can bid on DDP Marketing’s domain at Flippa.com.

Google Releases new Panda Update

If you have noticed a drop in your website traffic over the past few days, you might be part of the minority of businesses that were affected by the latest Google Panda update. The sorting algorithm that helps Google make sure that what it defines as quality content makes the top search results underwent its 24th update today, maintaining the schedule of one update per four to six weeks. This time, the update affected approximately 1.2% of English searches. If your website is experiencing a dip in traffic, you might need to look into updating it to meet the standards of Google Panda.

Valeo Marketing Offers Expanded Nonprofit Services

The Memphis, Tennessee-based Internet marketing firm Valeo Marketing has recently offered new services that cater toward nonprofit organizations. New services available include web design for nonprofits as well as a social media for nonprofits e-series. The goal is to take advantage of the growing number of nonprofit organizations that are moving onto the Internet. In 2012, 63% of nonprofits used online marketing for fundraising, showing an increase over previous years and demonstrating that there is a market that can be tapped by helping nonprofit organizations reach out to supporters online.

US Lead Network Offers WordPress Options

The award-winning marketing and design firm US Lead Network has now begun to offer a new suite of options to help clients build WordPress sites. The Internet marketing firm now offers bilingual web designed services focused on the WordPress platform. These services include streamlining sites for mobile devices, implementing the use of Google AdWords, and providing SEO services. For a limited time, the company is also offering $200 off its Internet marketing programs, making this a deal worth checking out if you are designing or managing a WordPress site.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Entrepreneur Night

Entrepreneur Night is a grassroots series of events based in Palm Coast, Florida. The event series is designed to provide important lessons to Internet marketers, startup businesses, and entrepreneurs. Boasting an attendance of approximately 100 people from across the country in their gatherings, these nights are a relaxing and enjoyable way to learn some new tricks. The next Entrepreneur Night is set to occur on January 29th, and RSVPs have begun for next month’s event on February 26th. If you want to RSVP and get a chance to make new contacts and learn important marketing tips, you can register at EntrpreneurNight.com.

With a major domain now up for sale, Google constantly tweaking their Panda technology, and several new opportunities arising in terms of both new services and useful gatherings, the world of Internet marketing continues to change significantly. Join us next week as we kick off the month of February.


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