With people now in the full swing of 2013 and the United States government dealing with a host of new economic issues, people are beginning to see what the e-commerce and Internet marketing landscape will look like this year. Here is what is new in the world of Internet marketing this week.

Pubcon Gains Double Platinum Sponsorship

Pubcon, the largest social media and optimization conference in the world, has gained a double platinum sponsor from Internet Marketing Ninjas for its 2013 conferences. Internet Marketing Ninjas has been a force in the industry since 1999. The double platinum sponsorship means that they will be supporting both Pubcon New Orleans and Pubcon Las Vegas at a high level. This major Internet marketing conference is set for April 22-25 at the New Orleans Convention Center and will also occur in the fall on October 21-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you are interested in optimizing your marketing, you should definitely consider attending.

Registration Opens for Performance Marketing Summit

The Performance Marketing Summit, a high-profile yet personal Internet marketing convention, has opened registration for its 2013 meeting in New York City. This convention offers a series of talks to all kinds of marketers, but is one of the few meetings to put a cap on registration, setting the room size to 200 people. This ensures that the presentations remain to the point and have a more personal feel due to the smaller audience size. The Performance Marketing Summit will occur on March 12, 2013, and you should register as soon as possible to hold your space if you are considering going.

Mobile Advertising Budgets on the Rise

Are you getting enough out of your mobile advertising? Many Internet marketing companies have decided that they are not and are looking to improve upon that. A new study from the Association of National Advertisers indicates that 95% of current marketers are including mobile advertising in their marketing plans. Of those numbers, a total of 85% of marketers stated that they plan to increase their mobile budgets in 2013. An increasing number of users are accessing the Internet through a mobile device, and the most successful marketing companies are recognizing that and adjusting.

Ajax Union Offers new Resources

The SEO company Ajax Union has recently relaunched its company website with a new resources page designed to help out small businesses and online marketing firms. This page focuses specifically on marketing and advertising in the 21st century, with a major focus on SEO and website optimization. Zevi Friedman, the company president, has stated that helping out small businesses in turn helps Ajax Union: “We want the same thing small business owners want: to promote success and grow together.” Among other things, the resources page also includes tips on how to navigate the new Google algorithms, such as Panda and Penguin.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Pumped Up for Business

If you are looking for ways to move your Internet marketing business forward, you may wish to consider the new ebook released by Online Marketing Muscle. This ebook, Pumped Up for Business Volume 1, is now available for free and provides tips to maximize your marketing potential. It includes a look into the New York-based Online Marketing Muscle’s business and what has made it successful in recent years.

As we make our way through the colder months, there are many new marketing conventions and opportunities waiting just around the corner. Come back next week for more news from the Internet marketing world.


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