We’re only a little bit into 2013, but already there is some major movement in the world of Internet marketing. Read on to see the top stories from this week.

Google wants you to Sign On

Still desperate to get more traction for its Google Plus social media function, Google is seeking out a new Product Marketing Manager who will be responsible for getting users to perform more searches while signed on. The problem for Google and much of the rest of the marketing world is the world’s general reaction to data tracking. A study performed in 2012 demonstrated that while 86% of users get useful information through tracking, few of them think that tracking online activity is a good thing. Google’s initiatives will be worth watching in the marketing world to see if they can find the right balance between tracking and pestering.

The Importance of Brand Loyalty

Every good e-commerce business knows the importance of brand loyalty, but a recent study performed at the Kellogg School of Management suggests that such loyalty can help your company even in times of controversy. According to the study, people identify so thoroughly with brand names that when the media says something negative about a brand they are loyal to, they feel attacked. This is a good reminder that establishing a reliable brand and developing a connection to your customers can see you through even the hardest of times.

Picking your Battles in Social Media

While social media is an incredible marketing asset, many companies are struggling to use it properly. According to Matt Goddard, CEO of R2 Integrated, the biggest problem comes when companies intrude in discussions about a product. In a presentation to the American Marketing Association, Goddard demonstrated that when users discuss a product or service on social media, they very rarely want the company itself to post in that discussion, even if they like that company. Goddard also discussed the growing trend of using images in social media posts, which allows companies to get more screen space. By picking your battles, you can make the most out of a social media presence.

Mercury Media Increases its Online Footprint

Mercury Media, a privately-owned advertising company, announced the purchase of the Internet marketing firm iMarketing this week. Mercury Media is responsible for a wide range of television ads, including Ronco products, Shark vacuum cleaners, and Zumba Fitness. iMarketing has a client base that includes Dow Jones & Co., Barclays, and Yahoo. This purchase shows a shift on Mercury Media’s part toward online marketing and may signal a change in the advertising culture of many products as 2013 continues.

The major events this week include more social media developments, a reinforcement of some of the most important marketing techniques available to businesses, and a potential major shift in the Internet marketing world as a television commercial giant makes the dive into the online world. Come back next week to learn about more important developments in the Internet marketing world.


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