Happy New Year internet marketers, 2013 has arrived, the fiscal cliff has been averted or delayed, and there are many opportunities for e-commerce sites and Internet marketers in this new year. Read on to find the latest news from the Internet marketing world.

Google Forces Users to Use Google Plus

If you want to use any of Google’s popular services for Internet marketing, including Gmail and YouTube, you will now be required to use Google Plus as well. When users sign up for new Google services, they are now being supplied with a Google Plus account that is set to public by default. This controversial new move means that any activity performed using Google services, such as photo sharing and product reviews, will also be displayed on the social media network. For those who do not want such things tied to their real names, the privacy settings can be adjusted. This means that you and your employees should be more aware than ever of what you are viewing and posting using Google’s services.

App Downloads Top 1.76 Billion During Holidays

The period from December 25th to December 31st brought over 1.76 billion app downloads, according to the mobile analytics firm Flurry. This shows how quickly people are adapting to mobile devices and looking for additional services. Most apps were downloaded by people in the United States, who accounted for 604 million of the total number, with China as the next highest country at 183 million apps. Based on these numbers and other recent trends, Flurry expects that 2013 will see an average of one billion app downloads per week. Many companies are shifting to a mobile focus as a result, developing apps that can be utilized by consumers anywhere they go.

Recovery from Google Penguin can be Difficult

For the many sites that saw their search engine hits drop as a result of Google’s new Penguin sorting algorithm, recovery of that traffic can be an arduous process. In a recent survey of affected sites, 81% failed to recover their lost traffic, while 13% made only a partial recovery. Only 6% of sites surveyed were able to fully recover the traffic. If you have been affected, one way to help your site is to use Google’s disavow tool, which can help disassociate low quality links that you do not control from your site. This combined with a thorough examination of your site’s quality can help increase your Google ranking once again.

Fidelity Becomes Accredited on Bing

Perhaps showing how much momentum the Yahoo! Bing Network is gaining, Fidelity Internet Marketing became one of an increasing number of companies to become an accredited professional on the Bing search engine. Bing has provided several appealing new services to advertisers, including listings on both the Bing and Yahoo! Search engines as well as giving companies incentive to migrate Google AdWords campaigns over to their new account. Other Internet marketing companies are likely to follow Fidelity’s example in the future.

An exciting new year awaits the world of Internet marketing and e-commerce. With many people returning to work after an extended holiday break, more news will undoubtedly be coming soon.


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