This week marks the last full week of 2012, and it’s time to look back on the year as a whole and look forward to what 2013 will bring. Read on to find out the latest news about the world of Internet marketing and what  you will need to know as we move into a new year.

Zynga Continues to Dominate Facebook

2012 was another big year for Facebook, which continued to grow dramatically. Games remain very popular on the social media network, particularly the popular sequels put out by Zynga. These games include FarmVille 2 and CityVille 2, which once again topped the list of most popular Facebook games. Other popular apps on the network include the music sharing program Spotify as well as the recently acquired photo app Instagram. These continuing trends should be taken into consideration when exploring advertising on Facebook.

The Crucial 10 Seconds

Recent research on social media networking has determined that it takes an average user 10 seconds to decide whether to follow somebody on Twitter. Many people have a preconceived set of decision-making guidelines when it comes to making such a decision. These include disregarding individuals who do not have custom avatars or biographies, overly negative posts, and lots of profanity. Other red flags include people who have alternate accounts listed among their followers or who have their accounts locked so only they can approve new users. All these can lead to losing contacts and customers, so consider your social media profile carefully.

Siri May Pose a Threat to Google

A recent study on the usage of Apple’s speech interpretation software Siri suggests that the program is relying less on Google than other search engines. The study suggests that Siri directs queries to Google’s search engine only 30% of the time. While this is still more than any other single search engine, the study shows gains in other search engine usages through Siri. The biggest gains were Yelp, which is now at 24%, Apple Maps, at 23%, and Yahoo at 7%. This new study reinforces that while it is important to optimize your e-commerce site for Google, it is also important to pay attention to other popular search engines in your SEO.

Be Sure to Update your Site’s Copyright

As we head into the year 2013, one thing that you should be strongly considering for your e-commerce site is an automatic copyright update. Many sites tend to let their copyright information get out of date, which can hurt them down the road. Updating your copyright information is simple enough; just add the following script to your website: “Copyright &copy; <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> Website Name.” You should also make sure that when you do so, your server’s clock is up to date. An updated copyright script is one of the top e-commerce moves you can make to protect yourself legally in the coming year.

As 2013 begins, now is a good time to look over your e-commerce site and consider how you can revamp it for the new year. That includes looking at your social media usage, advertising allocation, and copyright information. With this in mind, you should be putting yourself in better position for a prosperous year ahead.


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