This week finds the world of Internet marketing in a hectic and crucial time. The holiday season is in full swing, leading to a boom for many e-commerce businesses. The end of the year approaches, meaning that tax time is just around the corner. Finally, the new year may or may not see us plunging over the dreaded fiscal cliff, and many companies are preparing for the worst. In addition to these topics, here’s what’s new in the industry this week.

ValueClick Names New CEO

The online marketing company ValueClick, Inc. has named its newest CEO. As of Tuesday, December 11th, John Giuliani officially became the president and CEO of the company. Giuliani had previously been the company’s Chief Operations Officer, and did an impressive enough job to earn the promotion. ValueClick, which specializes in online advertising and resources for advertisers, has existed since 1998 and is one of the more venerable online businesses. One of the most major recent deals came in 2011, when they acquired the advertising firm Dotomi in a $295 million deal. Giuliani was at the time the CEO of Dotomi, and is now prepared to guide ValueClick into what will hopefully be a profitable 2013.

Linkjuice Provides Pinterest Tutorial

With the social media site Pinterest having grown into a sensation in less than two years, many companies are trying to figure out how to harness that network for their own marketing purposes. Those who want to dive into Pinterest but don’t know how to get started can now get some help through the website promotion company Linkjuice, which now offers a step-by-step tutorial, custom infographics, and more for use on Pinterest and other social media sites. With the new year projected to bring an even bigger boom to social media marketing, this is a valuable resource for those unfamiliar with Pinterest and other similar sites.

Epic Marketplace Oversteps on Internet Tracking

The New York-based online marketing company Epic Marketplace, Inc. drew the attention of the Federal Trade Commission recently due to the company’s exploitation of a weakness in common web browsers. Tracking tools used in Epic Marketplace’s ads on 24,000 websites went as far as to gather information about users’ medical conditions, particularly in seniors. The FTC determined that this was a violation of privacy and has ordered Epic Marketplace to stop these practices and destroy the data. This serves as a cautionary tale of Internet tracking going too far.

Social Video Confirmed as Major Marketing Tool

The digital marketing agency Visibility IQ has recently published a new study that confirms what many marketers already suspected: social video through sites such as YouTube is one of the best ways to engage new consumers. 78% of individuals polled indicate that they watch at least one online video per week, and many of them focus their online searching to areas of specific interest to them, such as news, movie trailers, and video games. Males between 15 and 34 reported an 81% consumption rate based on the videos they watched, followed by students at a 78% rate and females between 15 and 34 at 73%. These results confirm the importance of online videos in generating leads and sales.

With major companies making business changes in anticipation of the new year, new guidelines from the FTC, and studies confirming the value of social media in marketing, this week has proven very eventful for e-commerce businesses and Internet marketers.


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