As the month of November closes out, we have a chance to look at Black Friday and related special business days, then move forward toward the end of the year. Read on to find out more about how the world of Internet marketing has developed recently.

Black Friday Moves into Thanksgiving

Sales on Black Friday itself were down 1.8% from 2011, but retailers across the United States reported higher sales during Thanksgiving weekend thanks to new holiday hours. Major retailers opened their doors to shoppers at 8:00 pm on Thursday, and many e-commerce businesses followed suit, offering discounts on Thanksgiving Day rather than the Friday after. The result was a boost to overall revenues and a possible signal that holiday shopping will be starting earlier than ever in the coming years.

iPad and Kindle Dominate Cyber Monday

Following Black Friday was the relatively new Cyber Monday, when online shoppers turned to the Internet for great deals and a continuation of holiday shopping. This year, the big winners in the tablet market were Apple and Amazon, who dominated mobile sales. 7% of all Cyber Monday sales were users buying an iPad, while Amazon’s Kindle Fire held the number two spot when it came to mobile devices. All e-commerce businesses should already be considering a push to appeal to mobile audiences, and it seems for now that the iPad and Amazon Kindle will be dominating that field.

Facebook to Develop its Own Games

Facebook has come to a new agreement with gaming company Zynga to produce and develop its own games in 2013. Zynga has long been the company behind the games that have given Facebook much of its popularity. The shift may mean different advertising techniques on Facebook games, a slight change to the audience, and perhaps a revision to the social media networks’ overall terms of use. While many e-commerce companies will likely adapt well to this new development, the real loser is Zynga, which saw its stocks plummet mere hours after the announcement became public.

Online Sales Poised to Jump During Holidays

A study from is forecasting great things for the e-commerce business. According to the website’s predictions, online sales during the 2012 holiday season are expected to increase by 12% over last year, skyrocketing to as much as $96 billion in total. Some of this growth can be attributed to shoppers shying away from shopping malls and other brick and mortar stores that have a host of inconveniences such as crowds, noise, and difficult parking. Most of the growth, though, can be attributed to an increase in users on mobile devices, which make shopping easier than ever. Shopping in 2011 grew 15% in the months of November and December, and this year looks like it will produce similar results.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing and online businesses thriving, there are many ways to improve your e-commerce business both in the coming weeks and the new year. Come back soon to read more important news about the new developments in Internet marketing.


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