This week marks the push into the holiday season, which is a major benchmark in many different e-commerce businesses. Even if your business doesn’t see a major upswing due to holiday shopping, you are likely building up steam toward the end of the calendar year, which is significant in terms of taxes, financial reports, and other business necessities.

Yahoo Decreases Ad Frequency on Log-In Page

One of the constants on Yahoo’s services since 2010 has been its frequent ads on the user log-in page. Every user needs to log in at least once every few weeks, and for the most part over the past few years they have been greeted by an ad on the same page where they present their user name and password. In 2012, however, market analysts suggest that Yahoo has had fewer ads on the login page. In November, Yahoo has posted ads less than 50% of the time a visitor logs in, suggesting that Yahoo has either increased ad rates or decreased its ad revenue from the log-in page.

New Ad Models for Online Videos?

Recent studies indicate that viewers are staying glued to online videos longer than they used to. Tablet users tend to be more willing to watch videos for a longer period of time than traditional computer users, and sites such as YouTube have responded by increasing the maximum time of their videos. At the same time, video ad strategy has remained largely the same, with ads taking the form of either a commercial-like interruption prior to the start of a video or a banner at the bottom of videos. With the change in user habits and demographics, expect ads on YouTube and other video sharing sites to change in 2013, and be prepared to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Small Business Saturday Enters its Third Year

While Black Friday dominates headlines, there are several other movements designed to drum up a spike in holiday sales. Among these movements is Small Business Saturday, which officially began in 2010 as a way to get people to shop at small local businesses rather than big box stores like Walmart and Target. The campaign has begun spreading across Facebook and other social media this year, and in the case of small e-commerce businesses is being paired with Cyber Monday, which is the online equivalent of Black Friday. If you are not taking advantage of these movements, consider adding them to your marketing strategy for 2013.

Auto Industry Sees Boost from Mobile Users

Members of the auto industry should take special care to attract more mobile users to their company websites in the future, as it seems that the odds of them buying a car quickly are much higher than users of other media. A recent study indicates that individuals who search for a car on a mobile device buy a vehicle within the next 24 hours almost 50% of the time, with one-third of them buying within the hour. Few of those buyers used mobile applications, suggesting that searches seem to be more targeted and direct on mobile devices. Whether these tendencies translate into other industries is as of yet unclear.

Technology continues to march on, and those using Internet marketing for either their brick and mortar business or an e-commerce site can gain much by keeping an eye on the fastest developing technologies, especially when it comes to mobile devices.


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