This time next week will mark the beginning of the shopping season, which puts everybody’s Internet marketing campaigns into overdrive. Before we leap into the holiday season, let’s take one more look at the state of the Internet marketing industry in 2012. Doing so will provide valuable insight for 2013 and the challenges that await.

YouTube Abandons most of its Original Content Channels

In October 2011, YouTube made a major investment in producing original content, putting millions of dollars into original channels that would make it more like traditional television. Now, one year later, the largest video sharing network on the Internet is choosing to invest in only 40% of its previous original content channels, abandoning the remaining 60%. Channels abandoned will not be removed, but will receive no further updates. It seems that YouTube’s hopes of gaining ad revenue from those channels did not end as expected. All of this indicates a shift away from traditional media, which means that old styles of getting viewers and ad revenue may no longer be as effective in the online world.

Could your Google Searches be Hijacked?

Blogger and SEO specialist Dan Petrovic recently revealed that Google search results can be effectively hijacked by other sites in just a few simple steps. By merely copying a specific URL’s source code to a different site, then linking to it and giving a +1, Petrovic was able to take search results away from MarketBizz and direct it to his site. What does this mean for your e-commerce business? It reinforces the necessity of constant vigilance and a check of Google rankings to make sure your site does not fall prey to the same tactics.

Pinterest Releases Business Terms

On November 14th, Pinterest released some new terms on its website that allows it to be used not only by individuals but also by businesses. This is a major shift in policy that allows businesses to take advantage of a social network that seems millions of users every day. People visit Pinterest every day for inspiration in different fields, ranging from party ideas to recipes. Businesses can now reach out to this vast network by following a few basic guidelines. Additionally, Pinterest has provided some widgets and applications available exclusively for businesses who hope to take advantage of this new policy.

HootSuite Makes Facebook Easier

HootSuite, a set of social media tools that can be utilized by e-commerce businesses, has released an updated set of software that allows for better gathering of customer demographics through Facebook. Some of these updates include improved demographic targeting, better demographics, and the ability to get a real-time stream of likes and comments. The new tool update gives those interested in using Facebook as a marketing tool a chance to get more focused results that can be customized to individual businesses.

With technology constantly on the march, those who stay vigilant in their Internet marketing can make sure to use the best new applications in their businesses while avoiding the pitfalls that are out there. Come back next week for a look at the beginning of the holiday season.


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