The Internet is a rapidly changing place, and Internet marketing is constantly evolving in terms of both strategy and practice. Here are the most recent developments in the field as we move into November 2012.

Web Marketer Becomes a Home-Based Business Opportunity

The role of being an Internet marketer has arrived as an official position in the eyes of popular job referral site Creating Jobs for America. The website now lists Internet marketer as a top opportunity for home-based businesses. The training offered in this position is based on techniques taught to standard marketing executives, with an extra amount of attention paid to the differences between the Internet and more traditional media. This addition represents how common Internet marketing positions are becoming in home-based businesses, which also means that those looking into that line of work will have more training available to them in the future.

Jeff Usner Shares the Secrets to His Success

Millionaire Internet marketer Jeff Usner has released a new video online that discusses ways to simplify Internet marketing and start a business from home. Usner is the author of Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Success, and has himself created numerous online companies that have netted him millions of dollars. Some of the items discussed in Usner’s new video include finding your target audience and identifying what social media sites they are likely to visit. By identifying where your customers are, you have a better chance of reaching them with your marketing campaigns.

Marketer’s Black Book Offers Training Discount

The Marketer’s Black Book, a website marketing specialty group, is offering a range of discounts on training programs targeted at Internet marketers. The training focuses on improving website rankings and monetization options for web pages. There is also training targeted at generating and expanding e-commerce options. The Marketer’s Black Book was founded in 2010 and is composed of a number of successful businessmen who have a great deal of experience in Internet marketing, making these discounts potentially very useful to those looking for some training.

Extended Discount for Traffic and Convention Summit

The 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit will be held from January 18-20, 2013, but those who are interested in learning more about digital marketing can start saving money now. Digital Marketer, the company that hosts the summit, has put an extension on the early bird discount for registrants. This discount includes a lower price of entrance and a chance to place a deposit on registration, playing the balance on the day of the event. This is the fourth annual Traffic and Conversion Summit, and the size of the gathering has grown with each year.

This week in Internet marketing has seen an explosion in resources for individuals to learn about the industry for their own home businesses. It has also seen more training programs becoming available, often with discounts provided to give an incentive to see exactly how effective the programs are. With these resources, there are more reasons than ever to look into home-based Internet marketing.


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