With the constant movement going on in the world of Internet marketing, it is important to stay as up to date as possible. Here are some of the important new developments in the Internet marketing industry as we wrap up the month of October 2012.

Google Stocks Stumble

Google surprised the financial market by releasing its third-quarter earnings report early. The report turned out to be damaging, showing profits that fell below expert estimates for the quarter. Google placed the blame for the early release on the company’s printer, RR Donnelley, which distributed an incomplete press release. However, worries about the missed profit goals caused Google shares to drop by 9%. Google’s quarterly profits topped $11.3 billion, which shows how high expectations for the company are if that total is considered underachieving.

Uptick in Mobile Advertising

Google’s shortfall demonstrates that traditional search engine advertising is beginning to slow down slightly, but that just means that Internet marketing strategies are ready to change again. Google recently invested $12.4 billion in holdings with Motorola Mobility in an attempt to gain a foothold in mobile advertising. This makes the two main competitors in that field Google and Apple, which has an advantage due to its top spot among tablets and mobile devices. It seems that the Internet is going mobile, and sites that target audiences browsing on mobile devices may be able to gain a big advantage down the road.

Stars Appear on Twitter

Several people around the Internet have reported seeing a “Like” or a “Star” button in their Twitter feed, replacing the traditional Twitter option of clicking “Favorite” on tweets. This new feature has only appeared on select accounts, so it seems that Twitter is still in the process of testing it. If Twitter does add a “Star” feature or something equivalent to Google Plus’ “+1” button, look for it to have an effect on monetization through social media. Twitter currently has promoted tweets, and having a feature that can better gauge how many people like certain posts might help to refine the process of advertising and promoting products via social media.

Companies Turn to Instagram for Marketing

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook in a $1 billion sale earlier this year, has become an increasing point of focus for marketing campaigns in recent months. From Tiffany & Company to Red Bull to the National Football League, more companies are inviting users to tell the story of their product through pictures on the Internet. For example, in the 2012 season the NFL has begun featuring a selection of Instagram photos to represent each of the games played during the week. The sudden surge in Instagram usage has enabled people to step into the limelight and draw attention to the company they support at the same time.

Clearly, the Internet marketing scene is evolving to take into account new technology. Social media is becoming a major point of focus, and more sites are beginning to emphasize mobile usage. There is much to be learned through these trends, and more developments are on their way.


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