Is article marketing dead? This question has been argued for a few years now, but this year’s Panda and Penguin wars have really made webmasters and SEO experts take a look at their article marketing strategies. The core reasons for making article marketing a part of your operations may have changed a bit, but it doesn’t make this fundamental strategy any less important to your website success.

Article Marketing Builds Credibility

The foundation to an effective article marketing campaign is quality content. Articles that add value to the internet will gain the attention they deserve. Publishing that content on reputable article directories is an excellent way to boost the visibility of your expert information. The key is to create a catchy resource box that establishes your position within your industry. As the article circulates the web, you automatically gain credibility as a trusted and knowledgeable professional.

Article Marketing Drives Traffic

Another fundamental purpose of article marketing is to generate additional targeted traffic to your website. When your article provides the reader with the information or answers they seek, there’s a good chance they will visit your site to learn more. Today’s best practice is to include your site’s URL in the resource box, but to avoid keyword rich anchor text links within your bio. This sort of repetitive backlink may do your site more harm than good when it comes to search rankings.

Article Marketing Can Still Provide Relevant Backlinks

Many internet marketers lost sight of the real benefits an article marketing strategy can deliver and created their campaigns strictly for the backlinks. Google’s 2012 updates have put a stop to that technique, but it’s still possible for webmasters to gain quality links through their article marketing efforts. The most effective approach is to manually submit an article to just a handful of the very best article directories. If the directory allows, an anchor text link within the body of the article will be the most successful, especially if you use different keywords each time the article is submitted.

Article Marketing and Content Marketing Are Natural Companions

In most circles, the term ‘article marketing’ is being replaced with a similar concept known as content marketing. This by no means indicates that article marketing has disappeared! In fact, the underlying principle behind content marketing is the distribution of valuable, informative articles. Publishing your content to directories like Ezine and Article Base is an excellent platform for an effective content marketing strategy. Combined with effective social media marketing, article marketing can be one of the easiest ways to build your online brand.

The world of internet marketing is constantly evolving, along with the way consumers get their information. Videos, mobile apps, and interactive online environments are becoming part of everyday life, but high quality content and well written articles are still the backbone of the information super highway. Article marketing is far from dead!


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