Traditional internet marketing techniques are merging with more advanced promotional strategies to create an entirely new set of tools for business owners and internet marketers.

Digital marketing isn’t a new term in the online marketing industry, but with the advent of mobile advertising and a rise in social media marketing, certain forms of digital marketing are getting much more attention. What are the best ways to spend your marketing budget?

#1: Digital Advertising

Banner ads and pop-ups are yesterday’s form of online advertising. While these techniques are still in use, and are even somewhat effective depending on the strategy and the industry, there are better outlets to invest in. Facebook ads are one of the most popular options, allowing business owners to specifically target their ideal market.

#2: Local and Location Based Marketing

Most small businesses with localized markets have already harnessed the power of local online advertising with Google Local, Yelp, and similar tools. A number of options are also available to online businesses, including location-based ads, local deals and promotions, interactive check-in tools, and other offers tailored to the user’s specific location.

#3: Multimedia Marketing

The best digital marketing campaigns are those that engage and immerse the user. Video marketing, photo sharing, and podcasts are all excellent techniques to employ in your online marketing strategy. Corporate digital marketing campaigns are often centered on interactive games, contests, and other ideas that encourage user involvement.

#4: Social Media

Not all business owners see the value in social media marketing, but this sector of the online realm is one of the easiest ways to interact with and engage consumers. And it is continuously growing. Concentrate on building a presence on the same platforms used by your customers. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn are the most popular.

#5: Mobile Marketing

The majority of today’s consumers are always connected to the digital world, whether it’s via computer or a mobile device like their tablet or smartphone. This means mobile marketing is just as important as traditional online advertising. Permissive text message marketing, mobile apps, and websites optimized for mobile are the most effective strategies.

#6: Email Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing is to lose sight of the effectiveness of traditional email marketing. Building a targeted opt-in list is a vital part of your business success, regardless of your industry, but it’s important to put enough time and creativity into your email campaigns. Personalized messages with value will turn leads into conversions.

#7: Expert Content

Original articles, web pages, press releases, and blog posts all play a big part in the success of your online marketing efforts. Like email marketing, this is one of the few traditional forms of online promotion that you can’t forget. Content that adds value to your website and builds a positive brand image is the core to any effective digital marketing campaign.

Whether you’re an internet marketer or a local small business owner, the resources that you invest in digital marketing and online promotion will dramatically influence the future success of your company.


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