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Internet Advertising Revenues on the Rise

Online advertising dollars were at $17 billion for just the first half of this year – a 14% increase from the same period in 2011. Search related marketing such as AdWords continues to account for the largest portion of online advertising dollars, making up nearly half of the total. Mobile advertising and video marketing are quickly gaining in popularity as well, with video marketing accounting for over $1 billion of the total.

Digital Marketing Expenditures Climb Even Higher

While internet marketers and small business owners will spend an estimated $35 billion on online advertising campaigns this year, $390 billion will be spent on digital marketing efforts. What’s the difference? Digital marketing costs are all those expenses incurred to build a visible, credible online brand. Hosting, site design, content creation, and site maintenance make up more than half of the dollars spent. SEO services, email marketing, consulting, and public relations account for most of the remaining total.

Social Media Marketing Continues to Prove Effective

In a recent survey by Merchant Circle, 3,400 small business members responded to a poll about social media and mobile marketing. About 70% of those surveyed use some form of social media to promote their brand, with the majority spending at least three hours per week on their marketing efforts. It’s not a surprise that Facebook is the most popular outlet among businesses, topping the charts at nearly 70%, but nearly half of those surveyed are taking advantage of Google+.

In another survey by Econsultancy, individuals in the ecommerce industry were more likely to invest the majority of their online marketing dollars into website improvements, while 22% of the respondents planned to make social media their primary focus. Many online retailers are still warming up to the concept of social marketing, but nearly three-quarters of the webmasters surveyed plan to put more attention on this area in the near future. Again, Facebook remains the most popular, followed closely by Twitter. Pinterest is also gaining interest in the retail industry.

Is Mobile Marketing the Way of the Future?

In both of the surveys mentioned above, most respondents were not planning to invest a substantial amount of time or effort into mobile advertising. Yet, mobile advertising revenue is the fastest growing form of online marketing – jumping 92% in the past year. In fact, Internet World’s 2012 conference will focus on mobile marketing strategies. The conference will take place in Millennium Gloucester, London on November 20 and 21. Mobile marketing tactics can range from targeted text message ads to mobile apps to mobile optimized websites.

Another interesting trend seen in many of the recent studies and polls in the internet marketing arena is a steady increase in the use of affiliate marketing to generate revenue. About 25% of ecommerce businesses plan to increase their affiliate sales efforts over the next year. Well designed websites with quality content will remain the core of an effective marketing strategy, but there are plenty of other venues internet marketers can be taking advantage of to increase their profits.


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