Whether you’re business operates online or off, there are several ways to build traffic and promote your company with online marketing techniques.

#1: Start a Blog

Nearly three-quarters of the population read blogs at least somewhat regularly and businesses around the world are realizing their traffic-building potential. Fresh content keeps search rankings high, while keeping your clientele informed and educated.

#2: Build a Facebook Page

Millions of people log in to their Facebook account each day. If you’re not already taking advantage of this virtual marketplace, it’s never too late to start. Facebook pages are designed for businesses and allow companies to interact with their target audience.

#3: Make the Most of AdWords

One of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to build traffic is with Google AdWords. A well planned ad will drive targeted visitors to your website. The key is to select popular search terms that have moderate to very little competition among other users.

#4: Get Pinned

Like other social media sharing platforms, Pinterest is growing exponentially and can bring a great deal of exposure to your business. It’s important to remember that social marketing requires a personal level of contact. Pin and discuss the content of others as well as your own.

#5: Take Advantage of Offline Marketing

There are plenty of opportunities to build online traffic through offline situations. Include your website address and/or social media profiles on business cards, letter head, and promotional materials. Networking opportunities such as conferences and seminars are also great traffic boosters.

#6: Make Your Online Content Shareable

From web pages and blog posts to Twitter updates, everything you create online should be original and informative to encourage others to share it within their own circles. Add buttons to your website and blog so that readers can easily share your content.

#7: Create a Press Release

Online press releases have the potential to reach millions of people. A press release can focus on anything about your business that could be considered newsworthy – a new startup, an award, a change in management or operational structure, a new product, etc.

#8: Give Something Away

Regardless of your industry, giveaways, discounts, and contests are always an effective way to build traffic for your business. If your business provides a product or service, attract visitors to your site by offering free samples, a valuable coupon, or a chance to win a free gift.

#9: Invest in Article Marketing

There are many ways to promote your business with high quality articles. Whether you submit articles to directories or make guest posts on other high-traffic sites related to your company, be sure the content you submit establishes your credibility within your field.

#10: Go Viral

From videos to lists to creatively addictive games, producing something unique and useful can generate tons of traffic. While viral marketing techniques offer amazing potential, it isn’t easy to craft a strategy that is effective. Creating something viral requires time and effort.

#11: Visit Blogs and Forums

Another proven way to direct traffic to your business website or blog is to give traffic to related websites. Visit some of the top sites within your industry on a regular basis and make informative, thoughtful contributions to the discussions and posts within the site.

#12: Get Listed in Online Directories

One of the most overlooked traffic-building opportunities is online directory listings. Look for directories that are hosted on established domains that are in good standing with the search engines. It’s often possible to find free advertising opportunities that will reach your target market.

#13: Encourage a Community

Many of the most successful business websites are those that create a community among their customers and site visitors. In addition to a good social marketing campaign, incorporate features into your site or blog that allows readers to be active, such as comments or forums.

#14: Monitor Your Statistics

Paying attention to what works and what doesn’t is extremely important if you want to continue to steadily build traffic for your business. Use a reliable statistics monitoring script or plug-in that offers insight into your website’s activity and current visitor trends.

#15: Build on Your Success

The best way for businesses to build traffic is to continue doing the things that have brought success in the past and to make the necessary adjustments to strategies that have brought mediocre results. Remember to update your traffic-building techniques as your business grows.

Driving new visitors to your website is an ongoing process. Focus on always providing your target audience with the resources and information that they seek and your traffic will continue to grow.


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