With a slow global economy and an increasingly competitive online marketplace, one of the most common questions among internet entrepreneurs is how to make AdWords cheaper. Many online business owners simply don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on PPC marketing each month. The tips below will help you get your AdWords ads cheaper without sacrificing their effectiveness.

Target the Right Keywords and Phrases

Obviously, the foundation to any effective AdWords campaign is selecting the right keywords. Rather than bidding on a large selection of general search terms, concentrate on choosing a small collection of targeted, specific phrases. Use Google’s keyword tracker to analyze the search volume and competition level for key phrases that may be related to your website. Choose terms that have relatively high traffic potential in comparison to the level of competition to keep your AdWords costs down.

Make Relevance a Priority

During the process of selecting keywords for your ads, the most critical factor in deciding which phrases to bid on should always be how relevant the terms are to the landing page the ad links to. An ad that links to a page that is deemed to be of high quality by Google’s standards will often receive higher placement than less relevant websites that bid more. Don’t target the search phrase ‘auto insurance in Michigan’ if the landing page is about motorcycle insurance in Arkansas.

Create a Well Written Ad

Many internet marketers don’t realize that taking the time to write a quality ad will actually make AdWords adverts cheaper. Some marketing guides recommend using the dynamic keyword insertion function, but this option will often result in ads that don’t read well and typically leads to fewer clickthroughs. Google rewards webmasters who have a history of well-written ads and substantial clickthrough rates (CTRs) with higher ad placement, even when they’re not the highest bidder.

Monitor Your Ads Carefully

It’s not uncommon for webmasters to fall into the trap of bidding on irrelevant keywords to make their AdWords ads cheaper. The downfall to this is that subpar ads that only occasionally generate traffic will lower your CTR and could negatively affect your ad costs in the long run. Check the statistics of the ads in your campaign on a regular basis. Adverts that receive low traffic volumes are doing your AdWords campaign more harm than good, even if the ads only cost a penny per click.

Focus on Improving Your Quality Score

The most effective and reliable way to make AdWords cheaper is by concentrating on keeping your quality score (QS) as high as possible. Websites with better quality scores typically receive higher placement for their ads than similar sites with lower QS. All of the tips above will help you improve your quality score and lower the cost of advertising with AdWords, but the concept is really quite simple. Build a website that offers value to the visitors and create AdWords ads that convey that value.

When your website content and AdWords adverts are both top quality, it isn’t hard to create a cost-effective advertising solution with AdWords. Remember that relevance is the key to making AdWords cheaper.


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