Since the very first days of the Internet, online entrepreneurs have been changing the way that the world does business. There have been dozens of internet marketers who have paved the way for the hundreds and thousands of individuals following in their footsteps. The 10 most influential internet marketers of all time, in no particular order, are outlined below.

#1: Jeremy Schoemaker

There aren’t too many notable internet marketer lists that don’t include ShoeMoney as one of the leaders. Jeremy Schoemaker, founder of ShoeMoney Media, is an expert in affiliate marketing and online advertising to generate a profit. The ShoeMoney Blog has won several awards and is the go-to place for thousands of new and experienced internet marketers. Jeremy generates a six-figure monthly income with AdSense alone.

#2: Chris Hughes

Not everyone is familiar with this social marketing guru, but they should be. Chris Hughes is one of the Harvard grad co-founders of Facebook and is also the mastermind behind the online campaign that put Barack Obama into office in 2008. Hughes isn’t currently active in the social networking and internet marketing scene. Instead, he’s the owner, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The New Republic magazine.

#3: Guy Kawasaki

Speaker, author, and online entrepreneur, Guy Kawasaki made his entrance into the marketing realm in 1983 as one of the early evangelists for Apple computers. As an internet marketer, Guy was the first person to use a blog to promote a computer product. Since then, the Guy Kawasaki blog has reached millions of readers and is an excellent resource for marketers and entrepreneurs. Kawasaki has founded a variety of online ventures as well.

#4: Rand Fishkin

Founder and CEO of SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin has been very influential in the internet marketing industry because of his expert knowledge on search engine optimization strategies and techniques. SEOmoz was started in 2002 and is now one of the largest SEO firms in the world, with a continuously growing community of followers and fans. The SEOmoz blog is one of the most frequently visited websites for internet marketers that need SEO tips or advice.

#5: Danny Sullivan

Another search engine guru who has had a significant impact on online marketing strategies, Danny Sullivan is one of the most experienced search engine optimization and marketing specialists around. When search engines first began to emerge in the mid 1990s, Danny started studying and analyzing the methods they used to index web pages and created one of the first public guides to search engines. He continues to stay on the forefront of search marketing strategies.

#6: Darren Rowse

The guru of the blogosphere, Darren Rowse is the Australian native otherwise known as Problogger. Darren began blogging in 2002 and became a fulltime professional blogger two years later. Problogger is the leading resource for internet marketers who would like to make a steady income with their blog and is one of the most frequently linked to blogs on the internet. Darren currently offers a subscription based community for bloggers, as well as free materials.

#7: Brian Solis

Brian Solis has a longstanding history in the field of technology-based public relations and was one of the first internet marketers to make use of blogs and online communities for the purpose of business branding. Brian founded FutureWorks in 1999 and is responsible for some of the earliest social media and web 2.0 marketing strategies for businesses. He has written several books on online branding and is the creator of the Social Media Brandsphere.

#8: Seth Godin

With his distinctive views on modern marketing trends and consumer needs, Seth Godin continues to be very influential in the online marketing industry. Godin is responsible for the concept of ‘permission marketing’ which has had a huge impact on current internet marketing strategies like opt-in lists. According to Godin, an idea must be truly remarkable to earn real buzz. Seth Godin’s effective style of marketing stresses honesty and trust between the business and consumer.

#9: Ryan Deiss

Highly regarded in the online marketing realm, Ryan Deiss is a sought-after speaker and business marketing consultant with a wealth of hands-on experience that has pushed his personal web properties to the top. Along with other top internet marketers including Perry Belcher, Ryan helps individuals move their ideas into successful, prospering businesses through the Idea Incubator. He also offers resources for social media marketing, eBook sells, and more.

#10: Chris Brogan

No list of internet marketers is complete without noting the expertise of Chris Brogan. Chris has authored a number of bestsellers, including ‘Google Plus for Business’ and ‘Social Media 101’. His success through his personal marketing blog has opened the door to an assortment of other projects, many of which have been trendsetters in the online marketing industry such as podcasts and video blogging. The Chris Brogan blog is full of free internet marketing advice.

The number of internet marketers around the world continues to grow on a daily basis. Online entrepreneurs like those mentioned above have paved the way for internet marketing success and are excellent inspiration for anyone who is serious about making money online.


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