Article marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate leads for your business. Well written, search engine friendly articles can not only attract new traffic, informative and unique content will also build your business’s credibility. There are many ways to get leads through article marketing.

#1: Publish Articles in Online Directories

Once the backbone of article marketing, directory websites like Ezine Articles are still an effective way to generate leads. Website owners can publish original articles within the site’s directory with at least one or two quality backlinks to their website. Quality articles typically achieve high rankings and can significantly increase traffic.

#2: Submit Articles to Other Popular Websites

Many established websites accept posts or articles from guest authors. This is a great way to improve the visibility of your business. Only submit original articles that have never been published anywhere else and be sure to include a brief bio that promotes your expertise and directs readers to your website.

#3: Start a Blog

A regularly updated blog is a highly effective way to get leads. Blogs are a bit different than traditional article marketing campaigns and often require a little more effort, but the potential results are well worth it. Blog articles build a loyal base of potential customers and are an excellent way to boost website traffic.

#4: Publish Articles on Your Website

Keyword optimized content is essential for any successful website and it is a highly effective platform for article marketing. Search friendly web pages attract potential customers to your site; informative, entertaining articles keep visitors on your site longer, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

#5: Direct Readers to a Landing Page

Many internet marketers use an attractive landing page to gain conversions. It doesn’t matter how well designed the landing page is, it will never reach its full potential without credible, informative articles that persuade the reader to learn more by providing their email address.

#6: Create Newsletters

After building an opt-in list, informative articles are a great way to market your products or services through a regular newsletter. Short articles make excellent columns and will keep subscribers looking forward to future correspondences, while also providing ample opportunity to link to your website.

#7: Set up Auto Responders

In addition (or instead) of traditional newsletters that feature a more complex layout, some entrepreneurs set up short, concise emails through an auto responder. This type of article marketing is highly effective because it is direct and to the point. The best content for auto responders is subtle, yet persuasive sales copy.

#8: Contribute to Other Newsletters

Just like submitting articles to other websites that are related to your industry, offering an informative and relevant article for another business owner’s newsletter is a terrific way to get more exposure and generate new leads. Be sure to include a bio, or at least a link back to your website.

#9: Give Away Free Reports

One of the best ways to get leads is to offer visitors a free gift when they sign up for your email list. This is a tried and true practice that has been a staple in internet marketing strategies for years. Free reports are similar to other informational articles that are relevant to your industry, but are often a bit longer.

#10: Create an eBook

EBooks are a collection of articles on a particular topic in a convenient and downloadable PDF format. Compiling an eBook that provides your target audience with a needed solution can significantly increase the number of leads your opt-in list generates when you offer it as a bonus gift to new subscribers.

#11: Take Advantage of Social Media

The power of social media must not be taken lightly. Twitter, Facebook, and other networking sites can be a huge asset to any article marketing campaign. Use these sites to post links to published articles, whether on your own website or another, or to promote free gifts for opt-ins.

#12: Post in Online Forums

Becoming an active member of forums that relate to your field is a great way to stay up to date on the latest industry trends, and it’s also an incredibly effective way to get leads and make new connections. Post short, informative articles, reviews, or other relevant content to establish yourself as an expert.

#13: Write Articles for Online Communities

Article communities such as Hubpages and Squidoo are similar to article directories except the content published here is not available to other webmasters. The best ways to get leads through these sites is to focus on feeding the needs of the readers. Links and self-promotion are often restricted within the article itself.

#14: Perfect Your Author Bio

The resource box or bio is the most important part of any article that is published on a website other than your own. In many cases, this will be the only opportunity to generate a lead so it deserves a great deal of attention. Be sure to provide a bit more information about your product or service and of course a link to your site.

#15: Translate Your Articles

Many online businesses miss out on potential leads because of language barriers. Websites that see a lot of traffic from other countries can expand their reach by offering their articles in several languages. Some people choose to hire a translator, but there are also plugins available that allow visitors to translate the website.

#16: Turn Articles into Webinars

With the ability to stream multimedia content over the internet, written articles don’t always get the attention they did in the past. Add music, images, and sound to your article by using it as the basis of a PowerPoint or a video. Post the presentation on YouTube and promote it through social media to generate new leads.

#17: Record Audio Versions

Audio podcasts of informative articles, eBooks, or special reports are another way to reach potential customers. Post the file on your website or make it available to a larger audience through services like iTunes. Be sure to include a brief plug to promote your business and to encourage listeners to join your list.

#18: Offer an eCourse

eCourses, how-to guides, and other help-oriented products are extremely popular. A series of informative articles, distributed over the course of several weeks, will not only generate dozens of leads, it can be used to promote your products, services, or website as well if you place strategic links within the content.

#19: Recruit Affiliates to Market Your Articles

Affiliate marketing is essential to businesses who sell products or services online, and affiliate marketers make up a large portion of online business owners. Affiliates are virtual salespeople who promote products for others for a commission. Providing articles and other marketing tools to affiliates is an excellent way to increase sales.

#20: Go Mobile

Smartphone, tablets, and other highly capable internet-enabled mobile devices have opened up new doors to online entrepreneurs. Take advantage of this on-the-go marketplace by developing an app to promote your product. Deliver snippets and tips from informative articles directly to the user’s smartphone to generate new leads.

#21: Take it to the Streets

Printed versions of online articles are almost as powerful as their Internet counterparts. Add high quality articles to press kits, distribute them on brochures, or use portions of articles that have generated conversions online to create offline promotional flyers. Include a link to your website or article marketing account on business cards for additional exposure.

#22: Always Optimize Your Articles

Search engine optimization is a crucial component of effective article marketing. Choose your keywords and phrases carefully, write in a natural style, and take care to ensure that the article content provides useful information related to the selected keywords as well as the title. To generate leads, your articles must rank well in the search engines.

#23: Integrate Links

Even the most informative, well-written articles are useless lead generators if they don’t direct readers to the right destination. Depending on where an article is published, links may be limited to web addresses only or may only be allowed within the author’s resource box. Take advantage of any link opportunities, including affiliate links if permitted.

#24: Submit Articles to Print Publications

Articles in magazines, newspapers, and other printed publications may not provide direct links to your website, but they are still an effective way to market your articles and get leads. Many publications include submissions from professionals with the opportunity to mention your company or website in the author bio.

#25: Build Your Credibility

The number one way business owners get leads through article marketing is by using those articles to gain credibility and trust within their industry. This only works when the articles are well written, free of errors, and contain reliable, relevant information that benefits the reader.

Many people argue that article marketing is dead. The truth is, a lot of website owners have failed to evolve their article marketing techniques to keep up with modern trends. When you take advantage of the opportunities available, there are dozens of effective ways to get leads through article marketing.


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