Using article marketing to get leads is a strategy that online entrepreneurs have practiced for several years. Some will say that Web 2.0 and social networking have made article marketing less effective, but these modern web elements have made internet marketing even more powerful when it is done correctly.

What Is Article Marketing?

A successful article marketing campaign is much more than a couple of rewritten PLR pieces submitted to dozens of article directory websites. Once upon a time, that technique may have generated leads; in today’s online marketplace, consumers are much more discerning. Articles and written content still play a major role in any effective internet marketing strategy, but there is an assortment of methods and techniques that can be used to successfully promote them.

The Benefits of Original Content

Well written articles are obviously the foundation to any article marketing campaign, but the need for high quality, informative content is even more imperative today than it was in the past. The Internet is flooded with web pages full of words, all vying for a top position in the search rankings for a handful of popular keywords. Search engines develop complex algorithms to sort through this sea of content, awarding the coveted first page rankings to webmasters that prove their worth by publishing unique articles that support their site’s topic and add value to the online community.

How to Generates Leads with Article Marketing

Traffic from search engine results is just one way articles attract potential customers. Effectively using article marketing to get leads involves a variety of promotion techniques. Articles may be published within directories and other websites for search traffic, or they may be promoted via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many successful internet marketers publish their content on other high-traffic websites to get leads or they create columns for newsletters related to their field. There are dozens of other ways to use articles in your marketing campaigns.

Why Does Article Marketing Work?

Effective article marketing isn’t about gaining tons of backlinks to your website; it isn’t about driving hundreds of visitors to your site. A successful article marketing campaign will generate backlinks as well as traffic, but the purpose is to get leads, make sales, and increase profits. This is done by building trust and credibility with informative, original articles and by using those articles to direct targeted traffic – individuals with an interest in your product or service, to your website or to your opt-in page. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Generating Sales with Article Marketing

High quality articles are more than lead generators; article marketing can also be an extremely effective way to close sales. Continue to provide the same informative content to your list subscribers through regular newsletters, auto responders, and articles published on your website. This level of article marketing will continue to get leads when emails and links are shared by current subscribers. It is also the time to start integrating affiliate links or product promos that compel the reader to make a purchase.

Successful online marketing campaigns rely on articles and well-written content. Using article marketing to get leads and make sales is an effective, cost-efficient strategy that will see tremendous results when it is done correctly.


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