Internet entrepreneurs have been using article marketing to get traffic for years and it is still an effective promotional strategy for any type of website. Getting started with article marketing is a relatively simple process that can generate quick and long-lasting results. The information below will guide you in the right direction.

What Is Article Marketing?

As the name implies, article marketing is the process of creating and publishing content for the purpose of driving traffic to a website. Many people believe that article marketing is limited to submissions made in article directories, but there are several other ways to generate leads with web content. A successful article marketing campaign may include content published on blogs, guest posts on other websites, and submissions to offline publications in addition to article directories.

How Does Article Marketing Get Traffic?

The key to any effective internet marketing plan is boosting the visibility and credibility of the website, particularly within the targeted market sector. Using article marketing to get traffic can do just that when it is done correctly. Informative articles are crafted to pique the reader’s interest, crediting the website owner as the author with a link to the site. The content is published on an established website that typically ranks well in the search engines and is read by thousands of new potential leads that have a direct interest in the products or services you offer.

The Benefits of Article Marketing

An effective article will entice the readers to click the link to your website to learn more, but there are many other benefits of article marketing that can lead to a steady stream of traffic. Publishing your articles on sites that use follow links can provide beneficial backlinks that improve your website’s SEO, especially sites that have good page ranks and Alexa ratings. Well written articles that are original and informative also build your credibility as an expert in your field, which results in more traffic, an increase in returning visitors, and a significant improvement in conversions.

Article Marketing Basics

Successfully using article marketing to get traffic requires a little time and effort. Many webmasters prefer to hire a writer to create their content to save time and to ensure quality. For the best results, each article should target a specific keyword with content that directly relates to the topic. Be sure to use the keyword in the title and if appropriate, as anchor text for a backlink to your site. Always include a brief, interesting author bio that directs the reader to your website and create unique articles for each submission rather than publishing the same content on multiple sites.

Informative articles and search engine friendly content are a must for any successful website. Article marketing expands the reach of your content, increases the visibility of your site, and establishes you as a credible source for information that is relevant to your industry. Using article marketing to get traffic is a simple technique that provides long term results.


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