Whether you have just launched a new website or have hit a plateau with an established site, WooRank can help you pinpoint the areas of your site that could use some attention. Improving your website with WooRank is easy and convenient.

What Is WooRank?

Based in Belgium, WooRank was founded in 2010 to provide webmasters with a quick and convenient way to analyze the overall performance of their site. The WooRank software is hosted online so that it is readily available to anyone who wants to improve their website. Simply visit WooRank.com, enter the url of the site you would like to examine, and your results are generated within minutes. The report offers insight on the website’s performance in 50 different crucial areas, along with suggestions to improve any noted problems.

What Does WooRank Analyze?

WooRank is primarily designed to help you improve your website SEO, but the review addresses several key areas that could influence a website’s success. A variety of SEO elements are examined, including the internal linking structure, backlinks pointing to the site, keywords, and content. The report also mentions page rank, the usability of the site for mobile and home visitors, loading speed, and several other components that play a part in rankings and visibility. Suggestions to improve the security of your website are also included.

How Can You Improve Your Website with WooRank?

With a WooRank review, it is easy to see which areas could use the most attention. The report begins with a list of the five most important trouble spots that may be holding your website back from reaching its full potential, and then scores the site on other key areas. Each section contains general suggestions and feedback that will help you make worthwhile improvements to your site. Valuable details are offered on the site’s keyword usage and top ranking phrases, as well as the most popular anchor text used in backlinks to the website.

What Does WooRank Cost?

During the initial launch of WooRank, individuals could perform an unlimited number of website analysis reports at no charge. You can still use WooRank as a free tool to review and improve your website, but only one report can be generated per week. Those with multiple websites, web developers, and SEO specialists can purchase a monthly plan that allows them to analyze an unlimited number of domains. Paid subscribers can also compare their scores to chosen competitor sites and can receive PDF copies of their reports. Plans start at $49 per month.

Even as a paid service, WooRank is an excellent addition to your regular site monitoring routine. As a free service, WooRank is a must. The review will provide useful feedback on your website’s average visitor, your visibility in social media circles, and much more. You can improve your website with WooRank by using their expert analysis to target the areas that need your attention the most, as well as minor quick-fix problems that could give your traffic an instant boost.


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