When it comes to getting traffic, perhaps the most important strategy that anyone can use is a solid article marketing strategy. The main advantage about gaining traffic this way is that it isn’t overly expensive (depending on if you write articles yourself or outsource), and will provide long term results over time. Here is a basic strategy that anyone can use, based on one keyword.

Find the Right Keyword

Before you get started, check out your chosen keyword with Google’s keyword tool. This will provide you with a chance to see what you are up against, as well as provide helpful marketing information, such as how many people are using the keyword each month. Also make sure to check page one of the search results to see who your main competitors are. You will be surprised how easy it is push your competitors out the way when you use a well rounded article marketing strategy.

Step 1: Write an Article for your Website

Write a 500 word article for your website based on the keyword that you would like to target. When writing the article, the most important points to keep in mind are the readability of the article, structure for aesthetics, and how helpful it is to your reader. Make sure to use the keyword in the title, and use it 5-8 times within the article. Any less won’t be good for SEO, and anymore will damage readability and might actually be counterproductive. If you are using WordPress, make sure to use the SEO plug in and add tags.

Step 2: Write an Article for the Article Directories

Step two of the best article marketing strategy is to write another article using the same keyword and upload it to the top 4-6 article directories. Keep in mind that this article needs to be helpful and not promotional otherwise it won’t be accepted. In the resource box of this article, place a link to your home page, and then another link to the article on your website. Make sure to link using a keyword rather than linking an irrelevant word or phrase.

Step 3: Social Bookmark the Articles and Provide Comments

Use a social bookmarking service like IMAutomator.com or Socialadr.com to bookmark both articles. This will help to get them indeed quicker by the search engines. You can then have a search for some .gov or .edu websites that are relevant to your keyword and write helpful comments linking back to your original article. This will work to make your article more authoritative and relevant in Google’s eyes. This is also true for other search engines.

Step 4: Write one more Article for Added Strength

Lastly, you have a choice of writing one more article on the same keyword that is also helpful. You can then use a program like Article Marketing Robot to blast the article to hundreds of websites and directories. Remember to provide a link in the resource box to both the original article, as well as one of the article directory articles /preferably Ezine or Article Base). This will boost the relevant of both articles, and provide search engine preference to your original article on your website. Alternatively, you can use a service like Build My Rank for this step – which many people are beginning to favor.

That’s pretty much all there is to the best article marketing strategy. Just remember to keep the articles as helpful as possible and don’t spin them. If anything, you can provide unique titles for each of the article directory articles. There are other practices that you can add to this article marketing strategy, which can include social media comments and forum posts. Just remember that it takes a well rounded approach and a bit of patience, but you will see traffic if you use this method consistently.


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