Article marketing is a strategy commonly used by individuals and companies in an attempt to bring in traffic from search engines to their websites. If done properly, it’s actually incredibly effective, and can make the difference between a business or venture succeeding and failing. In this article I am going to discuss a few article marketing tips for those who are already aware of the basics. However, if you are after an effective article marketing strategy, check out my article – The Best Article Marketing Strategy.

Tip 1: Help the Reader

Many people will talk about keywords first and the necessity for backlinking, but if your article contains useless information then you are wasting your time. The internet is perhaps the most important tool today for people in search of information. The first rule of article marketing is to help the consumer find an answer to their search, which will help you build a reputation – and have your article gain more exposure as a result. This should be the case whether the article is for an article directory as well as for your website.

Tip 2: Create a Tried and Tested Strategy

Many people just starting out with article marketing (or perhaps even those who have done it for a while) usually take a haphazard approach to article marketing which often results in them giving up. It is crucial to have a strategy in place and follow it consistently. It takes time to see results, depending on the competitive nature of your chosen keyword, but traffic will come with persistence and patience. If you don’t have a strategy, check out the suggestion in the intro.

Tip 3: Structure, Structure, Structure

This is one of the article marketing tips that so many people forget. When writing your articles or having them written for you, it is imperative that they have a well defined structure that makes them easy to read. For instance, short evenly sized, sub headed paragraphs makes the information easy to digest. This also allows the reader to skim an article first to see if it is exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, by having a set uniform structure your articles will help to maintain the aesthetic properties of your website.

Tip 4: Research your Keywords

This is one of the more common sense article marketing tips: make sure to check each keyword for competition and popularity before targeting it. Sometimes the sheer competitiveness of a keyword will warn you of the effort required to rank it, so that you might better focus your efforts on an easier keyword that will get you traffic quicker. On the same note, a tool like the one provided by Google will show similar keywords and their data, so you can see what else people are looking for relative to your niche.

Tip 5: Use the Keywords Properly

Remember to choose a short keyword when possible, and include it in the title of your articles. On another note, one mistake many people make is that they believe that the more keywords they use in an article, the higher their article will place in the search engines. This most often has a reverse affect as Google has become aware of this tactic, and it will also damage the readability of an article. Try to stick to a keyword density of 1%, and make sure they are used naturally within an article to prevent readability issues.

Tip 6: Bookmark your Articles

Social bookmarking and media sites have been around for a long time, but have only recently become mainstream considerations within the last couple of years. They are a great way to channel targeted traffic to your website, as well as build backlinks and help your articles to be indexed quicker. Always remember to use a web service like or to bookmark your articles once they have been posted. Also don’t forget sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Tip 7: Manually Submit to the Top Article Directories

Many people are using automatic services to upload articles to the article directories these days, but this is often ineffective for the leading role players. Websites like Ezine and Article Base (to name a couple) often reject automated submissions, and should really be handled manually. The main reason for this is because the top article directories really will make the most difference when it comes to building links that will help your website to rank. At present the current top article directories are:

  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Article Base
  3. Article Alley
  4. Go Articles
  5. Isnare
  6. Article City

These are fairly straightforward article marketing tips, but should be kept in mind by anyone serious about their article marketing efforts. Just remember to experiment with your article marketing strategy until you have refined one that works well for you.


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