Every online business and internet marketer is looking for an edge over their competitors at the top of search engine results. Luckily, with a solid strategy and some effective article marketing tools, it’s possible to get ahead. Here is a list of the top five article marketing tools (and one bonus) that I believe all internet marketers need to have to be successful in their efforts.

1st Place: Google’s Keyword Tool

Perhaps one of the most important article marketing tools is Google’s keyword tool. It’s all too easy to neglect it and just start focusing on keywords without researching them. However, the information provided by the tool is priceless and absolutely vital for any company or online entrepreneur who values market research. Understand your competition, get a feel for what people are searching for in relation to your product or service, and capitalize on that.

2nd Place: Article Marketing Robot

I firmly believe that articles should be submitted manually to the top 5 article directories, but when it comes to building hundreds or even thousands of backlinks, you need this article marketing tool. Article Marketing Robot is an automatic article submitter that submits articles to websites and article directories. It is incredibly easy to use and is very effective. There is also the option to spin articles, but I don’t think people should use this feature (people need to be able to read your articles!). The only downside is that some websites require the captcha to be filled in which is time consuming.

3rd Place: Build My Rank

Build My Rank is a relative newcomer to the world of internet marketing, but is fast building a reputation as one of the most invaluable article marketing tools. Some people tend to use this instead of Article Marketing Robot, but it is possible to achieve great results by using both in combination. Build My Rank works by uploading small articles (150+ words) to their own high rank websites, creating an RSS feed and then aggregating it around the web. They also social bookmark the article to add “link juice” and ensure it gets indexed. In this article it’s possible to add one link per 150 words which makes it a powerful backlink tool.

4th & 5th Place: IMAutomator & SocialADR

After writing an article and placing it on your website or submitting it to the top article directories, it’s important to social bookmark it. This can drive traffic through the social media websites, and help speed up the indexing process. Two article marketing tools that are great for this are IMAutomator and SocialADR. Both websites provide a hands off approach and offer free, as well as subscription services.

Bonus Tool: Directory Maximizer

If you have yet to submit your website to “website” directories, then you need to seriously consider Directory Maximizer. This article marketing tool can potentially drive thousands of unique visitors to your website, and also provide an incredible boost in search engine rankings. They offer a free service which submits to 100 directories a month, or a paid service which works out to 14 cents for paid directories. The latter option is crucial to be effective, but users can choose the directories. This article marketing tool is especially useful if you create websites frequently.

Remember to keep in mind that any one of these article marketing tools should be used as part of a strategy and not relied on alone to bring you results. Added to this, it is important to be persistent in your efforts. The one drawback of gaining traffic through article marketing is that it takes time, but the traffic will be reliable and much more consistent in comparison to other methods.


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