Many people think that in order to make money with their internet marketing, they need a portfolio of adsense and affiliate websites. While this is standard practice and probably the most effective way to do it, with the power of article marketing people can make money just with their articles. This is actually quite easy and there are thousands of people making a killing from this method which is known as bum marketing. It works by placing affiliate links in the articles and resource boxes so that consumers are sent straight to an offer, rather than to your website.

Step 1: Find a Killer Product

The first step in this bum marketing strategy is to find a “killer” product or service. You can either contact companies directly and ask about their affiliate programs or sign up with networks like Adworkz, Neverblue or MaxBounty to name a few. It’s your call whether you use a regular priced campaign or select one that has a huge payout. This latter is actually more common with bum marketing for some reason – probably due to the fact that just one bite can get you significant revenue (sometimes as much as a couple thousand dollars).

Step 2: Find the right Keyword to Target

This should tie in quite closely with step 1. Have a look at the products and services available that you would like to push with your bum marketing method. When you find candidates, use Google’s keyword tool to check the popularity and competition of that keyword. Typically if it is searched for 1000-12000 times a month it should be fairly easy to rank on page one with.

Step 3: Writing the Copy

If you can’t write too well then perhaps this bum marketing method isn’t suitable for you; otherwise you can get a copywriter to write the copy for you. The copy should be informative and start out explaining what the problem is… this should then lead toward the solution which should be the product or service you are affiliated with. Don’t be overly promotional as no one likes to be hard sold. With this in mind, it’s really best to choose a product that you think is a great idea as this will show itself in your copy. Make sure to use the keyword naturally and effectively.

Step 4: Knowing where to put the Copy

This is where the bum marketing method gets a little bit tricky as many websites don’t allow affiliate links to be posted. There are ways around this which involves actually purchasing a domain, and then pointing that to the offer. Otherwise websites that allow affiliate links (to some degree) are Hub Pages, Squidoo, and article directories like Go Articles . Sometimes you can get away with masking the affiliate link in resource boxes (as mentioned above) with other article directories.

Step 5: Backlinking your Article

Once you have your lead article with the affiliate links attached you should start article marketing it as you would for a normal website. Write many articles (two or three a day) that have the same keyword and place links in each of these articles and the resource boxes back to the lead article. This will help your original article with the affiliate offer to rank higher in the search engines and receive more traffic. That’s pretty much all there is to this bum marketing method.

Alternative Method

Other people choose to use video marketing instead. This works by creating a clever video – most commonly a review of the product or service – and placing the affiliate link in and under the video. Once again it’s best to mask the affiliate link as most people won’t click on it if they know it’s an affiliate link oddly enough. If you choose this method, you should still build links back to the video and encourage comments to boost popularity. Also post the video as a video response to other similar topics.

Article Marketing is by far the most effective strategy that can be used to build solid, long term traffic to a website. Luckily, the principal also works to bring traffic to articles on other websites which is what makes bum marketing a very real money making possibility for those who don’t want their own websites.


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