If you really want to make more money, then you need to sell more of the products and service you offer. In order to do that, you have to be able to drive traffic to your website. There are several different ways to do this, but press releases are often overlooked. Here are five ways in which these short, to-the-point documents can make all of the difference for you and your business.

1 – They Are Perfect for Social Media

These days, there are more than one billion Facebook users. Statistics generated by the social media giant itself suggest that 71% of the adults in the United States who are regularly online also have (and regularly use) a Facebook account. What’s more, out of the 2.5 billion people around the world who have internet access, it is estimated that almost 70% use Facebook and/or Twitter a few times per week, if not every single day. As such, a professionally written press release can travel a long way in a very short period of time. People can share it, link to it, re-tweet it, comment on it, “Like” it, tag it, and much more. Each of these activities can be viewed by someone else in a never-ending cycle.

2 – They Can Be Optimized

Something else that makes press releases so incredibly helpful is the fact that they can be optimized with relevant keywords to make them “searchable” by engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and even Bing. Of course, optimization is about much more than just keywords; the document might also contain non-anchor text links that provide even more information, and it can be organized in such a way that it builds anticipation regarding your product or service. In short, the press release can be written so that consumers can easily find it on the web. Then, once they have had the time to read it, they will be interested in purchasing what it is you are offering.

3 – They Allow You to Demonstrate Your Knowledge

With so many people selling products and services online these days, it can certainly be tough for your business to be recognized. It is important that you stand out as an authority in your industry whether you are selling cupcakes or offering housecleaning services. A press release is a great way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise; you can show the general public that you have the experience and the know-how to provide the products and services that they truly need. When written carefully, they can also demonstrate value to show readers that your offerings are better than the rest.

4 – They Generate Questions

Press releases can help your business become more prominent within its industry, too. Whenever you release information to the public, there’s no doubt that consumers, independent organizations and even media outlets are going to have some questions. You can use this opportunity to bridge any gaps in the information that you have provided on your website, and you can also ensure that you have covered all of the topics that are relevant to yourself, your company, and the products and services that you offer. The information you gather by reviewing these questions can improve the overall experience for your site users and lead to more sales.

5 – They Are Professional

Finally, one of the most important aspects about press releases is that they imply professionalism. Whether or not your company has been established for a long period of time, having an organized, well-written press release gives the readers the idea that you are already successful. When they are shopping online or in bricks-and-mortar stores, they will be more likely to remember your brand and more likely to purchase your products over others because they are already interested in them.

As you can see, press releases are more than just documents you send to a magazine or newspaper to be published in print or online. You can optimize them to draw attention to your products and services via links on Facebook or Twitter, to demonstrate your knowledge in a particular field, to generate questions and thereby interest in what you are offering, and to add a more professional “feel” to your business.


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