A product or service review is a fantastic way to convert your website visitors into buyers. After all, if they can see that others have had a great deal of success with the product or service that you are selling, they will be more inclined to buy. The review you order can be written either from a first person or impersonal perspective.

First Person Perspective

When a review is written from a first person perspective, it implies that the writer has actually used the product or the service and can attest to its benefits. It is characterized by the words “I” or “we” and provides a personal account. This sort of review should be considered if you have used the product or the service yourself. While these can be effective in some situations, keep in mind that your readers are going to want much more than just your own personal account. They’ll want to know the general consensus regarding that product or service and whether or not consumers as a whole have benefitted from it.

Impersonal Perspective

Most of the time, whenever you order content from professional services, you will receive content that is written from an impersonal perspective. You can choose either second or third person; in second person, the writer will use words like “you” to help the reader better understand how the product or service will benefit him or her. In third person, words such as “I” or “you” are replaced with “users”, “consumers”, “those who bought the product”, and more. If you’re looking for absolute professionalism in your review, then third person is your best bet. However, if you want to be more conversational, then second person is a fantastic choice. These two perspectives can often be combined, too.

The Highest Conversion Rates

Now that you understand the differences in the perspectives and how they can influence the reader, it’s important that you choose the one that will produce the desired results whenever you place your order. Here are some helpful hints for making this decision:

  • If you want your review to read as if it could be in an informative magazine or newspaper, then the third person perspective is the best choice. Avoiding the use of “I” and “you” provides the ultimate professional image. In most cases this impersonal viewpoint is the best way to increase your conversion rates.
  • If you want your review to be more conversational, much like a blog post or something that you might post on your personal website, then second person is a good choice. It grabs the reader’s attention since it is directed toward them.
  • Finally, if you have used the product or service yourself and you want others to understand your experiences, then this is when you choose the first person viewpoint. As far as conversion is concerned, though, remember that your own personal experience will often not be convincing enough to persuade someone to buy.

When you want to turn more of your readers into buyers, then professionally-written reviews are the perfect tool. However, in most cases, it is best to avoid retelling your own personal accounts and choose an impersonal point of view for greater flexibility and a higher overall conversion rate.


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