You might already have a blog, and chances are pretty good that you already have one or more social media accounts set up. When you actually use your blog alongside your social media accounts, though, you might be surprised at the new amount of attention that your company gets. Here are some fantastic tips to use your professionally-written blog posts to your advantage.

Tip #1 – Mention the Blog on Your Social Media Account and Vice-Versa

Although this might sound incredibly simple, this is something that many business owners often overlook. They put time and effort into hiring someone to write professional blog posts, but then they forget to promote. Social media is one of the best ways to do this because you can add a link on Facebook, Twitter, or even something like Pinterest that will let people know not only that your blog exists, but that they can access it directly from their social media accounts as long as they are following you. Similarly, make sure that you mention your social media accounts in your blog from time to time so that you can tie the two together seamlessly.

Tip #2 – Use Helpful and Interesting Blog Content

When you use a blog as a marketing tool for your company, remember that there is much more you can give the reader than just information about the products and services you offer. The idea is to make the services and products appear to be of undeniable value. For instance, if you are selling cupcakes, you don’t have to do a different post each week about the different flavors and how they are made. This won’t interest the reader. Instead, why not try a blog about matching flavors with events? You can choose the best cakes for birthdays, choosing a chocolate, and much more. In fact, professional writers can even help you come up with these ideas!

Tip #3 – Provide Your Readers with Incentives

Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your business is host a contest or giveaway for those who follow you on your social media sites and read your blog posts. You can make this work to your advantage by taking advantage of both scenarios. First, you can post a status update or a tweet that you will be having an exciting contest and then invite the reader to click the link to read your blog for the details. Then, describe the contest in detail in your blog but let the reader know that he or she must share or retweet the information in order to be entered. It works to everyone’s advantage!

Tip #4 – Update (and Check) Your Social Media Accounts and Blogs Regularly

Finally, and perhaps the most important of all of these tips, it is very important – crucial, even – that you update your social media accounts regularly and keep an eye on your messages. Because so many people use social media, they might find it a convenient way to get the latest information or even to contact you. As such, if you create an account and then let it sit idle for a period of time, your customers might get the idea that you aren’t as available as it seems. It’s a a good idea to update your status or post something new at least two to three times per day and add a new blog post once per week to let your readers know that you are interested in keeping them in the loop.

Your blog and your social media accounts work better individually when you can tie them together. In a nutshell, make sure that you update them both often. Take the time to link to your blog on social media, and make sure that you mention your social media accounts in your blog, too. This way, your existing and potential customers will have various ways to see what your business has to offer them. 


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