We are on the very cusp of the New Year, which means that people are frantically getting ready for the close of 2013. You should make sure that all of your budgets and tax forms are ready for the end of the year and that you have enough personnel to see you through a time when most people are taking vacations.

Facebook Presents Video Ads

Facebook has rolled out a new video advertising feature this week that allows advertisers to have videos which automatically play in users’ feeds. By merely scrolling over the ad, the video will begin to play without sound. If the user clicks on the video, it plays the way it was intended. This seems to provide an advertiser-friendly ad that draws attention without the intrusive nature of a pop-up or video with sound that automatically plays. If you doubt the value of video ads, consider that YouTube digital ad revenues consisted of more that one-fifth of the online ad revenue worldwide in 2013. Video ads are certainly the future, and there is now any easy way to add them to Facebook.

Hummingbird’s Impact on Local Searches

It’s been several months since the release of Google Hummingbird, and the search algorithm saw a major update in November. One of the big changes that people have noticed is that generic searches no longer produce as many local results. Instead, non-geo-tagged searches tend to lead to corporate directories that can give branch locations of major businesses from their site. If you don’t have the benefit of being linked to a company with a national online database, you should make sure to mention your company’s location prominently. That means that search queries with a geographical mention, such as, “Restaurants in Chicago” are more likely to bring customers to your site.

Facebook to Favor High-Quality Content

For anybody who doubts the value of strong content in the marketing field, there is another piece of evidence that might open your eyes. Facebook has announced that it is now incorporating a newsfeed algorithm that favors high-quality articles. This is similar in function to the search algorithms used by Google, which means that your social media marketing will now get placed lower in newsfeeds if it is redundant in presentation or contains a lot of low-quality links. By favoring content over traditional SEO, however, you will be able to get a higher placement on Facebook pages.

Affiliate Summit 2014 Coming Soon

January 12th through the 14th will bring a major online marketing event taking place in Las Vegas. Affiliate Summit West 2014 will feature keynote speakers such as the presidents of The Link Builders, LLC, Creative Ventures Media, SiteTuners, and other professional online marketing companies. This three-day event will include lots of workshops, sessions, and a large exhibits hall that will allow people to kick of the 2014 marketing world with a huge dose of information.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Taking Advantage of Resolutions

You should consider that most of the population makes New Year’s resolutions around this time of year. The most common resolutions involve weight loss, home improvement, and quitting bad habits such as smoking. If you have any involvement with any of these markets, you can earn a lot of business by catering to people who embark upon such resolutions. Offering discounts on certain items, sales, or gift certificates are all great ways of gaining short-term customers who will hopefully stick around later on. Do remember, however, that most New Year’s resolutions only last about four to six weeks before being broken, so plan for the short-term first.

Next week is the last full week of 2013. Happy holidays to you and those around you, and please find your way back here next week for our year-end roundup.


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