Believe it or not, we are less than two shopping weeks away from Christmas. Reports differ on whether the season has been successful so far or not, but there is still time for one more major push to maximize the holiday season. Consider the news items below and how that might help you make some last-minute adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Verizon to Purchase EdgeCast

The massive network provider Verizon is prepared to purchase EdgeCast, which is the creator of CDN, also known as the content delivery network. This trend signals a change in the way Verizon approaches content delivery. In the past, the focus has been on providing speed above all else. Now, Verizon seems interested in shifting focus to content while getting a company of their own so they don’t have to rely on third party delivery. The coming weeks will determine how this will affect Verizon’s service and what sort of new content-oriented items will find their way onto networks.

Study Suggests that Instagram is Best for Brands

A recent study conducted by the business analytics group SumAll indicates that when it comes to brand engagement, Instagram is the very best service out there. The group tracked more than 100,000 businesses on various social networks and found out that customer engagement for Instagram updates was triple that of any other social network. This emphasizes not only the power of Instagram but also the visual nature of the social media world.

Google Adapts to Smartphones

If you use Google’s webmaster tools, you may have noticed a few changes lately, especially as smartphones are involved. The tools now have additional support for specific crawl errors that pop up for certain smartphone brands. This makes it easier than ever to reach a mobile audience. If you have used webmaster tools in the past but left due to its problems with smartphones, you might want to check out this latest update, as the tools may now allow you to better reach mobile users than they previously could have.

Start the New Year at the Developer Summit

One of the first major Internet marketing conferences of 2014 will be kicking off in Las Vegas on January 5th and 6th. The 2014 Developer Summit, sponsored by AT&T, is now accepting registrations. This summit will include a pre-conference hackathon designed to allow people to test their coding skills and a sizable sponsor expo. If you’re looking for a way to get moving right away in 2014, this might be a good way to improve your developing skills.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Scandal Preparation

No company plans on being part of a scandal, but sometimes it does happen even if you manage your company ethically. Just as you should have a disaster plan in case a major catastrophe stops your physical business, you should have a scandal plan in case something unexpected hurts your reputation. This includes being open and honest about all matters related to the issue and listening to customer responses and feedback. Assign somebody to respond quickly to all questions that come up, as a lack of a response is only going to make things worse. By planning for a worst-case scenario, you can make sure you don’t wind up crippled should such a thing occur.

With the year wrapping up to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to 2014. Come back next week for a look into the future and news about the latest trends in the Internet marketing world.


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