One thing to keep in mind this holiday season is that due to a late Thanksgiving there is going to be a higher concentration of shoppers. This year, people have to do more holiday shopping with less time. Consider that as we delve into this week’s marketing news.

Mobile Shopping Continues to Rise

In the wake of Black Friday, IBM conducted a study which indicates that 35% of all online consumer traffic over the busy weekend came from mobile devices. This is up from 30% last year and will likely continue to rise into next year. The average online order was $132, meaning that people with mobile devices also tend to be healthy spenders. If you don’t have a responsive, mobile-oriented storefront by now, you should definitely make getting one a priority before the next holiday shopping season.

Twitter’s Verified Users Get Special Perks

Twitter continues making some minor changes here and there, but those changes can still have major ramifications. The verified users program now comes with a few extra perks. This includes the ability to filter messages and show only updates and mentions that have been made by verified users. Those without verified accounts can thus expect to suffer from a drop in effectiveness when it comes to social media marketing. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to get verified on Twitter, and this is a step you should take to make sure you keep your reach when it comes to your social media activity.

Google Revises Trends Search

Google Trends is a useful set of analytics tools that can tell you about Internet searches relevant to your website. The tools have recently been revised to reduce redundancy. Search terms that are similar but which have the same meaning will now be grouped together. This includes common typos and synonyms, so a search for “iPad” will read the same as a search for “iPadd.” This can be very beneficial to marketers, but it can also be harmful to those who rely on similar but different keywords. Overall, it is another sign that keywords can now take a back seat to content marketing, even when Google searches are involved.

SIPA 2013 Closes Out the Year

In one of the last Internet marketing conferences of 2013, the Specialized Information Publishers’ Association, aka SIPA, will be holding their marketing conference from December 11th through the 13th at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are pre-conference workshops, special group rates available, and multiple keynote speakers from major companies in the marketing world. This is one of the final marketing conferences available, and registration is open right up to the day of the event.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Improve your Headlines

While content marketing is important, it’s always good to keep in mind the value of a good headline. Recent surveys indicate that as many as 90% of people who share your content will do so based on the headline alone. Keep your headlines short and succinct, but also make sure they are descriptive and unique enough to give your readers a feel for the article. Don’t get pushy with your headlines – give your customers the feeling that they are in control of whether or not they should read the article. Improving your headlines will increase the number of shares you get, which will in turn increase your customer base.

Next week’s blog article will look into 2014 and beyond. Come back next week to learn more about the holidays while also turbo charging your new year’s plans.


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