While holiday shopping is already dominating the United States, there are still many people starting to turn their attention to the somewhat forgotten holiday of Thanksgiving. The coming week is a time where marketing should focus on the feelings of family, tradition, and simplicity that marks this holiday.

New Report Shows Effectiveness of Website Testing

The fifth annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report came out this week, presenting the results of research into almost 1,000 digital marketers. Among their findings was that there is a direct correlation between testing websites and emails and conversions. Companies who saw an improvement on their conversion rates over the past year carried out 50% more tests than those who did not. Moreover, a surprising 29% of businesses do not test their website. 40% of organizations don’t test their marketing emails, and 41% don’t test their landing pages. If you are in one of these categories, this study serves as a reminder that testing will not only prevent glitches but will also gain you conversions.

Upcoming Email Marketing Conference

Email has proven to be more effective than web advertising and social media when it comes to getting conversions. People wondering how they can improve their email marketing methods should look into MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit on December 11th through the 14th at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah. This conference will be focused specifically on new innovations and ideas that can help upgrade your email marketing campaign.

Google Upgrades AdWords

Marking the first major upgrade in about four years, Google announced some new features to its AdWords application this week. This includes the ability to view your conversion rate in different regions, which lets you know where you should focus more of your marketing dollars. You can also view how your ads are performing compared to competitors and change your strategy appropriately. If you have used AdWords in the past or are still using it, you should check out these new features and be sure to incorporate them into your marketing plan.

A Look at Online Marketing in 2014

Social Media Today has produced their predictions of where Internet marketing is headed in 2014, and it appears that content marketing will continue to be the biggest focus. Siting industry research, the website indicates a continued focus on content marketing, a diversification of social media marketing, and more video ads. One of the bigger changes predicted is an increased focus on marketing to location, with more companies focusing on their local market rather than trying to leave a global footprint.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Take Advantage of the Holidays

With Thanksgiving mere days away and the Christmas season now upon us this is a good time to remember that holiday-related tidbits will be trending on most social sites for a month or more. Take advantage of this fact by not only highlighting any holiday deals you might have but also posting general information about the holidays, be it warm messages to families or inquiries as to unique traditions your customers have. The holidays are a time that people use to form significant personal bonds, and you can make your brand into something that people associate with family and traditions. Now is the time to focus more than ever on social media conversations with your customers.

Next week will bring us past the Thanksgiving holiday and into the busiest time of the year. All the marketing you have done in 2013 so far is about to reach fruition, so be sure to visit us for more news next week.


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