One of the biggest changes that has come out of the year 2013 is the increased focus on content marketing, and that trend continues this week. The latest in the world of Internet marketing is presented below.

Google+ Links to YouTube Comments

Ever since Google purchased YouTube, the search engine has sought ways to combine the world’s most popular streaming video service and Google’s own social networking endeavors. This vision finally reached a degree of fruition in recent weeks, with users on Google+ able to comment on YouTube videos. The link get strengthened this week, with additional options allowing you to prioritize comments based on your preferences. You can also mention Google+ users directly in YouTube comments now, giving you a chance to directly market to specific customers if you so desire.

December Web Design Conference in San Francisco

Looking ahead to next month, web designers have a golden opportunity in the month of December if they so desire. December 9th through the 11th brings An Event Apart, which is a design conference that will be held in San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. This workshop-heavy conference will help people optimize their websites for the modern age and includes a focus on content marketing. Seating is limited, so you should be sure to register as soon as possible if you are interested.

Facebook Tests Star Ratings

Screenshots and live testing have shown that Facebook is in the process of implementing a star rating system to its pages. While a star rating is something which has been used often in a variety of different networks, Facebook would make the ratings more prominent than ever, showing a user rating very clearly on a company’s home page. For those who are concerned about what this might bring, the surest answer right now seems to be a focus on personalized customer service, which will help maintain high ratings when the system does get implemented.

LinkedIn Adds Pulse Integration

LinkedIn has undergone many changes in the year 2013, and this week brought another one. The business networking site has replaced LinkedIn Today with a brand new reader known as Pulse. LinkedIn purchased Pulse in April for $90 million, but has only now completed work on fully integrating it. Pulse is available on both computers and mobile devices and represents a complete overhaul for the way the social media site presents its news.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Use Social Media to Drive Inbound Marketing

A recent Hubspot report has shown that social media is more important than ever when it comes to B2B and inbound marketing. According to this report, only 22% of all leads came from traditional marketing methods in the past year. Among the channels with an increased marketing success level is social media, which saw a 14% increase in lead generation. It’s not enough to just focus on social media as a source of general updates, although this is still important. Instead, focusing at least a percentage of your social media posts toward larger marketing goals will draw more eyes to your endeavors.

Black Friday is starting earlier than ever this year, and next week will actually kick off many Black Friday sales. Whether you are in retail and preparing for this or just tweaking your marketing plan for end-of-year activity, come back next week to find out the latest happenings in the marketing world.


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