The calendar year is ticking away, and so far the one big thing that 2013 has brought is an emphasis on mobile users and content marketing. This week’s online marketing news follows along those general lines, showing us the continued evolution of the marketing world.

Mobile Surge Leads to Big Quarter for Facebook

Facebook has reported some terrific third quarter numbers, thanks in large part to the 35 million new mobile users it gained during that quarter. That pushes Facebook well into the lead among social media networks for the time being. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the network’s tremendous popularity with mobile users, remember that the top ways of attracting people to your Facebook page include promoted posts, promoted stories, and targeted Facebook ads.

Google to Index Apps

Websites aren’t the only thing that Google indexes these days. The search engine giant recently discussed the fact that it now indexes mobile apps for Android users. If you have an app that you would like to index, you can use your website’s sitemap file or Google’s webmaster tools to indicate that fact. This is a good way to advertise apps to users and increase the overall value of your content by providing a useful and reliable tool that everybody can use on their Android phones.

Google Launches Helpouts

This week saw the rollout of Google Helpouts, which are ways for users to pay for the opportunity to receive help from an expert in a particular field. Helpouts are similar in format to Google Hangouts, except that Hangouts are designed as a way to chat with friends while Helpouts represents a real-time video meeting for a stranger who just happens to be a field expert. This might be a marketing opportunity for some businesses, especially if one of your employees is a certified expert in a field. At the moment, Google is approving every provider who applies to be a part of this program.

SMX Las Vegas is Coming Up

Another SMX conference will be held soon, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Social Media Marketing Expo will take place at the ARIA Resort and Casino from November 20th through the 21st. In addition, specialized workshops will be held at that location on November 19th. The conference keynote will be provided by Peter Stringer of the Boston Celtics, who will be discussing the relationship between fans and brands and what companies can do to personalize that relationship.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Start Thinking about the Holidays

If you aren’t making preparations for the holiday season yet, you are missing out on a major opportunity. With holiday shopping starting earlier than ever, you should be including deals and special promotions as early as this week. You can also make an impact by doing something as simple as changing your social media profiles and brand presentations to include a holiday feel to them, often through imagery such as pine trees and snow. Adjusting to the seasons in general helps show customers that you are in touch with the real world, and with so much revolving around the holiday season, this part of the year is the most important time to show how in touch you really are.

Will Twitter and LinkedIn implement something to offset Facebook’s recent success? What new changes will Google have up their sleeves, since the company has been breaking new ground every week? Check back next week to find out more from the Internet marketing world.


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