Halloween sales have reached the point of diminishing returns, as most people have now made their purchases for this holiday and are looking at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep that fact in mind as we continue our analysis of the latest news from around the Internet marketing world.

Associated Press to Offer Sponsored Content

Following in the footsteps of companies like Google, the Associated Press plans to offer sponsored content in 2014. This means that companies will be able to display their brand logo alongside popular news stories, increasing general awareness. Major stories such as the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards are expected to draw a particularly high amount of interest. The reason cited for the move is the struggling newspaper industry, which is providing less revenue than before. With a major source like the Associated Press joining the trend, it looks like sponsored ads are here to stay.

Google Testing Banner Ads

Google has confirmed that the search engine giant is testing banner-like ads in search results. This test, which is currently very limited, would show a company’s banner and logo at the top of the screen when certain search engine queries are entered. For example, a search about McDonald’s would reveal a banner directing people to the fast food chain’s website. While the test is small right now, this seems like an inevitable future for web searches and one that marketers can take advantage of by developing an aesthetically pleasing logo for their brand.

Twitter Tests Private Feeds

Twitter is in the midst of testing the idea of a private feed, which would enable users to receive direct messages from users and advertisers that suggest content. These messages would enable those sending them to recommend other Twitter feeds to follow and individual tweets to mention. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, you may wish to opt into the private feed test, possibly considering how your company might be able to use this upcoming direct messaging option.

Ad-Tech Digital Marketing Event on the Horizon

Those who wish to explore the latest breakthroughs in advertising technology might want to swing by the Javits Center in New York City next month. That’s where the Ad-Tech conference will be occurring on November 6th and 7th. This is one of the top digital marketing events in the world, featuring keynote addresses from executives within Nestle, Socialmetrix, and the Design Factory. If you want to get a summary of the newest technology as well as ideas on how to use it, this can be a terrific conference for you.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Schedule your Social Media Posts

Twitter gained some extra utility this week by allowing businesses to schedule their tweets for specific times. This means that you can put together a large number of posts at once and schedule them for times when your readers are most likely to be online. While other social media networks don’t offer this utility just yet, there are third party programs that allow you to schedule your social media posts across all networks. Keep in mind that most users are online during the lunch hour and after work, which means your posts are most likely to be read during this time.

It’s hard to believe, but we are already reaching the end of October and have only 10 weeks left in the year 2013. Come back next week to see how the marketing world is beginning to gear up for 2014.


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