Are you preparing for the end of the year holidays yet? If you’re not, you should at least be thinking about them. Spending trends are about to change dramatically, and the biggest business days of 2013 are still ahead. Check out this week’s Internet marketing news to see if any of these items might change your end of the year plan.

Introducing Cameo

A new video marketing service may be emerging in the form of Cameo, which combines the success of Vine but allows for longer overall videos. Cameo allows you to make videos that last as long as two minutes, but has the interesting restriction that no single shot in any video can last for longer than six seconds. This is an intriguing alternatives to services like Vine, combining the concise nature of the individual shots while also opening things up for longer clips as desired.

Psycholinguistics: The New Marketing Science?

Researcher Michelle Zhou has recently spoken about her work as a pioneer in the field of psycholinguistics and how it can potentially be tied to Internet marketing. Using 200 Tweets, Zhou suggests that she can make an accurate personality profile of a person, including their overall likes, interests, and spending habits. While such analytics services are currently beyond the resources of most small businesses, this may be a field worth keeping an eye on, especially if psycholinguistics consultants become available as a potential resource.

Google to Use Individual Users in Ads

Google is planning on mining the resources of Google+ and its other shared services to provide a more personal look at ads. By tracking the preferences of individual users, the search engine giant intends to provide reviews and experiences of various products straight from user profiles. Such ads will also include photos pulled from Google+ profile images. This is already raising some objections as the service pertains to privacy, although Google has stated that you can opt out of the service. Nonetheless, encouraging your customers not to opt out of the service might be a good way to raise general awareness and positive word of mouth advertising about your brand.

Gearing up for SES Chicago

It may seem like we still have a lot of October to go, but SES Chicago begins on November 4th and is only a few weeks away. This major marketing event will run from November 4th through the 7th and already has some high-profile keynote speakers on board. This includes Adam Singer from Google Analytics and Daina Middleton from Performics. With sessions about paid searches, mobile video marketing, and the rapidly changing world of website optimization, this conference should be well worth anybody’s time.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Find Brand Ambassadors

Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools out there, and it turns out that you don’t have to go far to start building it up. While surveys demonstrate that the general public trusts executives in a company less when it comes to being objective about their business, those same surveys show that customers trust the lower level workers in a business much more. If you have some employees who are excited about what your business has to offer, consider recruiting them as brand ambassadors. All they need to do is give their honest perspective about things and they will be helping your business immensely.

It’s hard to believe, but next week is the last full week in October. We are rushing toward the end of the year, which means major events are about to unfold. Tune in next week for more cutting-edge Internet marketing news and advice.


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