Google has caused some major shakeups in the Internet marketing industry, the repercussions of which will almost certainly affect your business. This and other news from around the industry can be found below.

Google Cuts Keywords

One of the biggest news items this week is that Google has stopped providing keyword data in its searches. The goal of this move is to reduce reliance on keywords and focus more on content marketing to determine website search rankings. This also has a potential side effect of increasing reliance on Google AdWords when it comes to online advertising. You should watch your web traffic closely to make sure that you can track the effects of this change for your business.

Google Unveils Hummingbird

In another major shift from Google, the search engine giant revealed that for the last four weeks it has used a new search algorithm called Hummingbird. Unlike Penguin and Panda, which were small-scale changes to the way Google runs searches, Hummingbird is effectively a brand new engine that allows conversational web searches. This algorithm has supposedly been in place for most of the last month, so if you’ve had an unexplained drop in traffic, you might have been one of the victims of this change.

Yet More Google Changes

As if the news above wasn’t big enough, Google has followed Twitter and Facebook in implementing hashtags on its social media service. Google+ now comes with hashtags, with the added benefit of Google searches for a particular hashtag revealing Google+ posts relating to the topic. At the same time, Google+ can expect a major influx of new users soon, since commenting on YouTube now requires a Google+ account. This is reportedly a way to crack down on abusive posts on YouTube, but it will also bring a major influx of traffic to the site. If you use Google+ as part of your social media marketing strategy, it might be time to add a few new tricks now that this information has come out.

Upcoming Marketing Conference: Eloqua Experience 2013

People on the west coast will get a chance to learn more about these and other developments in the Internet marketing world can check out the Eloqua Experience, or EE North America. This conference will be held from October 23rd through the 25th at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square in California. Focusing on both marketing and media, the conference will feature Vince Gilligan, the creator of the popular TV series Breaking Bad, as a keynote speaker. With the Internet marketing world changing rapidly, this might be the conference that helps you to keep up with it all.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Pitch to Reporters

Press releases are a great way to market your business, but you need to make sure you have a strong pitch. Whether you are trying to get the attention of a reporter or a blogger, you should include a high-quality, relevant photo. Even if the reporter doesn’t use a full press release, they might use the picture to fill some space and include a blurb, giving you some useful marketing. You should also make sure that each pitch is unique, avoiding traditional spam language that might get it dismissed. If you provide regular press releases to reporters, you will be able to build relationships that will give you more positive media coverage down the road.

While Google dominated much of the Internet marketing news this week, there is a good chance that competitors such as Facebook, Bing, and other groups will retaliate with big moves of their own. Come back next week for the latest news and developments in this and other parts of the Internet marketing world.


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