Many companies are already starting to look ahead to 2014 and formalize marketing plans for the new year. If you keep an eye on the latest developments in the Internet marketing world, you will be better suited to plan for trends that you might be seeing as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of the next one.

Google to Abandon Cookies?

An anonymous worker from inside Google indicated this week that the company is spending quite a bit of money and resources at developing its new AdID technology, which would reduce the use of cookies on computers. This would be a major shakeup in the advertising industry, since cookies have long been the primary way to track customers. Advocates of a new system argue that it would give more power to retailers and customers alike, while critics argue that it would shift power away from smaller businesses. Regardless, Google accounts for more than one third of all ad traffic on the Internet, so any change the search engine giant makes will be a major shakeup within the industry.

Skype to Roll Out Rich Media Advertising

The video communication service Skype will provide a major new tool to advertisers in the coming weeks when it rolls out a new rich media advertising toolkit targeted at Android users. The new platform will allow video ads to be targeted toward users in nine different countries and 55 total global markets. This will allow the combination of multiple media in advertising and will be a huge boon to companies that use video ads as part of their marketing strategy. If you are associated with one of those companies, you should keep an eye on Skype’s newest development.

YouTube to Allow Offline Videos

YouTube has long been a streaming only site that requires an Internet connection to use. That will all be changing soon, since the site will allow users to access videos offline for a period of 48 hours after selecting a video. This service will be available through YouTube’s new mobile app and will include some ads that will play with the video. This means that if you use videos in your marketing plan, you can potentially reach a larger audience, providing your videos to people who don’t have a designated online connection at all times. You can also potentially package your ads to go with other offline videos, increasing your audience significantly.

Improve your B2B with Pivotcon 2013

October 15th and 16th will bring the Internet marketing world Pivotcon 2013, which will be held at the Altman Building in New York City. This conference will bring together more than 400 social business leaders, with special guests including representatives from companies such as Walmart, MTV, and Intel. Registration is open now, and the conference will be coming up very soon. If you are in the New York area and looking to learn from experts in the business world, you should consider this conference.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Know your Emotions

With social media marketing such a focus in today’s marketing world, emotions are a huge part of selling your brand. Research demonstrates that certain emotions spread quicker through the social media world. Anger is the top spreading emotion, but unfortunately that can be detrimental to your brand. Nostalgia is an excellent target for specific age groups, while general happiness and family ties are among the strongest selling emotions in the marketing world. Whenever you put out a new social media post or blog entry, be sure to consider what emotions you might be raising and how that might help spread the word about your brand.

Video marketing is becoming a major force in the world and is something you should consider moving forward. Be sure to consider this and other Internet marketing news as we continue our journey through the end of 2013.


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