Our advice for marketing your business offline ends with these last ten tips (check out last week’s here), but there are many more opportunities out there. Be sure to check out the tips below and then produce your own offline marketing ideas.

41: Join your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you are tied to a specific region, join your local Chamber of Commerce. This will get you into the business listings and will also give you some business to business resources that you can utilize for marketing purposes.

42: Look into Leagues

Some industries have specific leagues that help to get the word out and provide resources to companies that seek help. This can include an urban or junior league, or it can be an industry specific organization. These leagues also provide valuable educational resources.

43: Look to your Past

Do you have old employers who are still on good terms with you? You may wish to reach out to them, especially if you now work in an industry that complements theirs without providing direct competition. They might be able to provide you with additional advice and marketing.

44: Get a Toll Free Number

Many customers are more willing to call for more information if they know they won’t be charged for the call. By getting a toll free number, you can ensure that your customers don’t have to worry about charges and also don’t have to remember your specific area code, making it more likely that they will reach out to you for information.

45: Don’t Forget Print Ads

Print magazines and newspapers are shrinking in circulation, but they are still important marketing outlets. Be especially sure to look into advertising over long weekends and holiday events, where you can get a great discount and have more readers than normal.

46: Sponsor PSAs

In order to ensure airtime, charity organizations often seek out sponsorship for their PSAs. This is a simple tagline that gets added at the end of any such PSA, letting people know your company is sponsoring it. This is just a brief blip, but it does help raise public interest in your brand.

47: Get an Interview

Talk to your local TV and radio hosts to see if you can get an interview on the local news. Make sure to pitch a storyline or human interest portion with your proposal in order to pique the news outlets’ interest.

48: Make the News

Just as with pitching stories to your local stations, you can also provide article suggestions to local newspapers. This is different than advertising because you don’t have to buy anything – it’s the papers who will be coming for your story.

49: Offer Photos with your Press Releases

When you send out a press release, try to send along a high quality photo with the release. This will get a reporter’s attention and may get them to feature the picture in a separate space with a blurb about your company.

50: Franchise

If you have a business that can afford to branch out into different areas of the country, consider setting up a franchise. This gives other people the responsibility for marketing your business, while you benefit from the broader base and greater awareness.

That concludes our offline business marketing strategies list, but that doesn’t mean that this is all there is. By using any of these strategies, you will soon find that there are many related ideas out there just waiting to be explored.


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