Early reports for the final quarter of the 2013 calendar year are beginning to filter in, so companies have a chance to adjust their marketing plans appropriately. As news filters in, consider the latest developments below as well as some conferences that might help give your marketing movement a push.

Recent Online Statistics Point to Informational Overload

According to recent studies and surveys, we are now in a day and age where there are 17 new websites created every second and 2 million different blogs being updated on a daily basis. If you have noticed a drop in your traffic lately, it may be a result of the information superhighway simply expanding so quickly that consumers don’t have the time to check all their favorite sites in a day. This highlights the importance of staying on message in all your content, including your social media channels and blog entries. With a strong message, visitors are more likely to give your website preference over other, similar ones.

Twitter goes Public

The social media giant Twitter will be moving to the public sector soon, with an initial public offering, or IPO, suspected to be coming within the next week. Twitter’s move into the public sector means that investors will get more of a say in the direction social media marketing as a whole takes in the future. If you are interested in getting on board one of the most influential sources of media in the world, this is definitely a development worth watching.

Google Issues Warning about Auto Generated Content

Google is trying to make a case that websites which use auto generated content can be removed from its search results due to a violation of their terms of use. In a recent video released by company executive Matt Cutts, it was stated that any site which uses auto generated content is in violation of the search engine’s terms of use and can therefore be deleted from Google’s results. This is a clear message to those who use such shortcuts in site design. If your content is not authentic, you may be hurting yourself significantly.

Looking Ahead: 360 Degrees of Brand Strategy

The “Un-Conference” 2013 is coming up, with this year’s conference dubbed “360 Degrees of Brand Strategy for a Changing World.” As the name suggests, this conference concerns itself with examining the changing technologies of the modern marketing world and how businesspeople can keep up with it all. The conference will be held from October 16th through the 18th in Miami Beach, Florida. This can be a great mid October getaway that can also teach you a lot about the modern marketing world. Registration is now open, so be sure to check it out.

This Week’s Marketing Tip: Marketing to a Niche

In a world where the Internet is continuing to expand at an alarming rate, there is an increasing need to target niches within your potential pool of customers. For example, if you are targeting individuals in the healthcare industry, determine what subset of that industry you should focus on, such as pediatric specialists or social workers. This is called fractal marketing, and it can help you build a stable subset of customers before you expand to a larger audience. The stronger a niche you have, the better prepared you will be as more competition arises.

We are officially in the Halloween and Christmas shopping seasons, which means you should start to look forward to the holidays if you have seasonal offerings. As the marketing world shifts, we will be back next week to brief you on the latest developments in the industry.


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