We are still only a little more than halfway through our list of offline marketing tactics (see part 3 here). Whether you are getting started or just looking for ways to extend your marketing reach, consider the tips below.

31: Speaking Arrangements

If you have a strong public speaker on your marketing team, consider making an arrangement at speaking events. This will give customers some personal motivation and also help connect people with your brand.

32: Use Billboards

If your state allows them and they aren’t very expensive, consider taking out some ad space on a billboard. This is an unobtrusive way to get customers to recognize your brand even before they look for more information.

33: Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Just because you’re focusing on offline marketing doesn’t mean that you don’t need to include online marketing as well. When you list your company logo, also include Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media networks where you intend to advertise.

34: Search for Mavens

A maven is somebody who is very skilled in your industry and who is well connected. Every industry has them, and by connecting with them you will be able to get important spokespeople and resources for your company. A maven can be anything from a hairdresser to another small business owner.

35: Make Use of Public Bulletin Boards

Develop a simple flier that gets your message across and post copies on local bulletin boards that run community messages. This can include libraries, post offices, and grocery stores, among other options.

36: Add Fliers in Store Windows

In addition to community bulletin boards, you might be able to get independently owned businesses to post fliers in their front window. Just be sure to return the favor if the opportunity presents itself.

37: Get Others to Distribute your Business Cards

Talk to local community connections, such as hairdressers and networking specialists, to pass out your business cards to potentially interested customers. This is a great way to combine networking with word of mouth marketing.

38: Offer Goodie Bags

Depending on what you offer in terms of product, consider putting together goodie bags that you can pass out at events. This can include some extra things like small pieces of candy, or you can even combine your goodies with those of another company’s to increase your overall reach.

39: Place Fliers on Windshields

Again, make sure that your area allows this, but it might be worthwhile to place fliers on people’s windshields at supermarkets and shopping malls. This has a low rate of return, but is still a good way to get your name out.

40: Make Phone Calls

Cold calls can be difficult to handle, but if you have somebody who is good on the phone, consider making some phone calls to potential clients to let them know what you can offer. It might be a good idea to start off with a simple bonding call, building up a strong sense of trust between you and your customers.

Come back next week when we’ll finish off this list. There are still many different marketing opportunities out there, and we’ll be sure to point them out to you.


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